BB in Time's Best Blogs of 2010

Time magazine just named us an "essential blog" in their list of Best Blogs of 2010! We are so honored to be included in a list that includes some of our favorite sites, both new and, er, "timeles," like us. Time's description of BB only mentions Mark, Cory, Xeni, and I, but we need to give credit where it's due. Over the last couple of years, the Happy Mutants family has grown a lot, and it's the dedication, curiosity, and undying quest for novelty by everyone in our masthead that keeps Boing Boing alive and growing. So thank you to Maggie, Lisa, Brandon, Ken, Dean, Antinous, Avram, Arkizzle, JBat, Terry, Eric, Jason, and of course our intrepid managing editor Rob Beschizza who somehow manages to hold the site, and himself, together. Most of all, thank you, our readers, for sharing in the wonder and weirdness with us. Time's Best Blogs of 2010