NYT correction: Lambert and bass player "licked each other's lips"

The New York Times issued the above correction to Jon Pareles's review of Adam Lambert's concert last week. "(Thanks, Gil Kaufman!)


  1. Whew! I am glad they corrected that statement. Imagine what would happen to society if two men kissed, even accidentally. What’s next? Cats and dogs living together?

  2. Actually, I think the correction is saying that they were licking lips instead of a quick peck on the shoulder, actually escalating what they had reported… so I don’t think it’s gay-bashing.

  3. Well, alright — but which one was playing the part of the “strong man” after the concert?

  4. Glad I wasn’t there. I wouldn’t even want to see a straight couple doing this in public. But the fact it’s two guys does make it grosser to me, inb4 “bigot”, “phobe”, etc.
    just get a f’kin room already

    1. Nah, I’m guessing you’re jealous because you’re not getting any of either sex. I know I am.

  5. Pantograph, you might consider sending your mind-reading device back to Captain Crunch for servicing.
    But I’m real proud for you, it sounds like a rare occurrence indeed if you feel a need to share it in spite of nobody asking or caring.

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