Tin can ukulele has a nice sound


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  1. darsal says:

    Dunno, “Wildwood Flower” and finger picks kinda makes it a mutant banjo more than a uke.

    It doesn’t seem right that banjos get so little love while the uke can do no wrong…

  2. pinehead says:

    I thought he played it more like a mandolin, being that there are only four strings on a uke and four pairs of strings on a mandolin. Regardless, it has a good sound to it, I’ll say that. I wouldn’t have guessed an old coffee can would work that well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How about mandolins, they don’t get much love either…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the long lost American cousin of the Okinawan kankara sanshin (sanshin made from a can). From what I can tell, cans were used because traditional materials were scarce immediately after the war. It is enjoying a bit of a resurgence in Japan these days.


  5. JoshP says:

    Oh wait. Sersly, that’s really nice, kinda like a Uke dobro. I’d bet it’d play blues.

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