Napoleon's hair sells at auction for $13K

Someone bought a lock of Napoleon Bonaparte's hair at an auction in New Zealand for $13,000.


    1. The scary thing is that the same guy also bought a lock of Hitler’s hair ….

      [yes, I’m kidding.]

  1. Doesn’t anyone remember the 80’s GI-Joe cartoon when it jumped the shark? They are trying to create Serpentor!

  2. A guy that buys baseball cards at my work was commenting on a new series of cards that have non-sports related cards included. One card on the package was Beethoven. Apparently the card comes with a strand of Beethoven’s hair. I asked the customer how they could get an actual strand of Beethoven’s hair, and the customer said there’s this guy who just collects historical hair and then sells it to card companies. Just thought I’d share that bit of weirdness with you all.

  3. Well, actually Napoleon’s hair is interesting from the scientist’s, the historian’s and the coroner’s point or view. It is suspected that Napoleon was poisoned at Saint Helen’s island where he was confined. His hair is supposed to have clues to that, as it contains abnormal amounts of arsenic.

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