Creative Comments music contest

Christian sez, "To promote Creative Commons licensed music and the musicians behind it, Musikpiraten e.V. launches this year once again the Free! Music! Contest. Last year we had about 60 submissions, this year our goal is 150! Until the end of July, musicians and bands who are releasing their music under a Creative Commons license, can register for the contest. Until August 22th there will be an additional remix-phase: the participating artists are invited to submit single stems or acapellas in addition to the individual songs. By submitting individual tracks or the submission of music videos, the chance to be added onto the sampler that will be a result of the contest, will be increased - if only just a little bit."

Free! Music! Contest 2010 (Thanks, Christian!)


  1. Uh, “Commons,” not “Comments.” I think…

    On the other hand, setting comments from message boards to music would also be a fun contest.

  2. I was at final concert of last years contest and wow, just wow. Seeing Pornophonique perform live was among the most awesome things ever. I never exspected that two guys with a guitar and a gameboy as their only instruments could rock that hard.
    In fact, I think they deserve to be featured on boingboing.

  3. True… But having said that, many of the uses for a Creative-Commons-licensed work could be seen as a creative commentary. Creative Comments? I think we’ve found a happy accident.

  4. Hey Cory! I met Rob from Austin’s Riverboat Gamblers last weekend at the Vans Warped Tour, and he turned me on to the free music contest they’re running on their website They’re inviting fans to download their song “Robots May Break Your Heart” and re-mix it in any way they want. Contest prizes include Volcom clothing packages, Seagate FreeAgent hard drives and even vinyl LPs of the band’s music.

    I will send him a link to this post and perhaps you can post about “Robots May Break Your Heart” on BoingBoing (which is accompanied by a pretty cool animated video on their home page).

  5. Hi ,

    Can anybody share the information on how to take part in this competition . My band”Pralayh”‘s songs are already registered under creative common license …

    Will appreciate any help on this.


  6. very cool! looking forward to hearing the results of this year’s contest

    wait Cory are you judging this?

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