Hail yeah: even more iceball storm photos from Bozeman, MT


If you enjoyed the earlier post this week about apocalyptically large ice balls from a hailstorm in Montana, you will love the damagey goodness at this link, from the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. Above: Arie Andersen, 13, holds hailstones over his eyes. (Courtesy Kari Andersen).

(thanks, Michael Becker!)


  1. I go to school in Bozeman, but during the summer I’m back home with the family. Yesterday I got a ton of texts from my friends that still live on campus about baseball sized hail breaking over 300 windows in the dorms.

    I’m starting to think none of them know how big a baseball is.

  2. I guess you could call it…
    *puts on sunglasses*
    …a Bozeman-icestein condensate.


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