Realistic "Handsome Guy" mask

Join the denizens of the uncanny valley with this "Handsome Guy" mask, made by SPFXMasks. This is the same company that makes the mask used by an alleged bank robber we posted about a while ago. (Via Robert Popper)


  1. The only give away to me is the eyes. They look to far sunken in to be natural. But still, it would take a while to realize that it’s a mask. So bravo to SPFXMasks!

  2. Even ignoring the uncanny valley effect, they have an odd definition of “handsome.” I suppose if you’re into the OCC type.

  3. Burt Reynolds got another facelift? At least he finally ditched the toupée.

  4. You must mean handsome in an “I’ll kill you after I rape your dog” kind of handsome.

    1. @#5
      That has got to be one of the funniest comments I’ve ever read on BB.

      This mask has the “convicted felon, neo-nazi, jailhouse rapist” kind of good looks :)

  5. anyone else find this face incredibly feminine?

    it looks less to me like a “handsome man” full mask, and more like a girl who is wearing various latex prosthetics to look like a man.

  6. For any reasonably tall and non-curvy ladies getting married in the near future, my suggestion would to be to put this mask on and dress up as a minister, then after the wedding music starts and the tension ramps up as the bride fails to appear, pull it off in a surprise twist worthy of a Mission:Impossible movie!

    1. That is fucking genius. Also, a Priest’s cassock could hide a lot of hips ‘n tits. Just sayin’

  7. Creepy! How long does it take to put this on though?

    Supposedly the Max Headroom makeup took ~4 hours, I wonder how this stacks up.

  8. Remarkably creepy! (I presume the “Handsome Guy” designation is because guys who look like this think they are stunningly gorgeous — not!)

    Absolutely remarkable detail!

    Can’t help thinking how really sweaty the wearer must get, and wonder about the wear and tear on the real eyelids!

  9. Needs spirit gum under the bridge of the nose (eyebrow hitching at 0:45), is otherwise /superb/.

    1. oh man. Now I’m envisioning 100+ of these guys wandering around NYC in a mob.


  10. Take a look at the other masks they make and you’ll realize why this one is called “handsome guy.”

  11. I’m afeared. Very afeared. So are my household pets. I wouldn’t even trust granny around this guy, at least not unless there were some teenage boys around to keep him occupied for a while.

    I guess the bullwhip and chaps are extra?

  12. Looks stunningly real until the camera pulls back and you see that the guy’s head is twice the size of a normal head. Maybe with shoulder pads you wouldn’t notice . . .

  13. Ouch. The fact that I look sorta like that, er, faux-dude and these comments…

    Now in fairness my facial hair is nowhere near that level of tying-a-dame-to-railroad-tracks villainy, so I guess I’m okay for now. On the minus side of things if I buy this mask it won’t really work too well.

  14. That should be called Shanked in the Shower Guy Mask.

    Also, why do people feel the need to have SOME sort of musical accompaniment for every other video uploaded to YouTube? Whether it’s public domain syntho-shit or rambling generic guitar, it’s all ear-spam. Why bother?

    Finally, that mask IS pretty convincing and could be a ton of fun. Looking at their other masks though, I think the monster type ones are the least interesting. I think it would be more fun to have a bunch of masks that just look like regular people. Much more opportunity for mayhem.

  15. Also, on their site, why call the black guy mask “the player?” I don’t like the inference. Why not just call it “Black Guy” mask?

    1. Up until this mask at least all the ‘normal’ masks had names with ‘the x’ so it just followed suit, besides which until this mask — and I’d say still — the black guy mask is the most attractive out of the lot. So between it being described as being meant to bring to mind the likes of Samuel L Jackson and how it looks, I don’t think they’re trying to really invoke any sort of harmful stereotype there beyond giving the idea of perhaps a rich ladies man. If they called it ‘The Gangsta’ that’d be problematic.

      Also, it lists his occupation as stockbroker — seriously. Why a silicone mask needs a occupation I don’t know, but there you go…

    2. “hy call the black guy mask “the player?” I don’t like the inference. Why not just call it “Black Guy” mask?”

      They say it’s supposed to be reminiscent of roles played by Ving Raimes and Samuel L. Jackson (though I don’t see it).

      I’d guess that they’re planning to make a few more black guys and they can’t name them all “black guy.”

      Just a guess.

  16. The production values on the videos are horrible compared to the quality of the mask. Lucifer is pretty bad ass hanging out in the bathroom (if that’s a shower curtain behind him).

  17. The “sunken eyes” look could be worked to an advantage if you made a Ted Danson or Ann Coulter mask…

  18. Remarkable level of detail there. I’m sure “handsome guy” is a sarcastic title for this one, as they probably didn’t want to call it “the plug-ugly thug.”

  19. maybe it’s the cough syrup starting to kick in, but if these guys made grigory “grisha” perelman masks, and then the anon guys picked up on it and started wearing the “grisha” en masse around town instead of the guy fawkes, my head would ex-freaking-splode!

  20. Frankly, I would love to get a few of these.

    I would love to see what the world looks like from another person’s eyes for a few days.

    What is life like as a black man? As an old man? As a beautiful woman? How would people treat you differently, in what subtle ways would their reactions be different?

    The potential for social experiments is limitless.

    I’ll put a couple of these on my Christmas list.

  21. I realize it’s probably too late since there are 39 comments above mine but here’s a warning: Don’t view this at 1024 HD resolution, full screen on a 26″ monitor like I did. It goes from interesting to looking-for-a-bottle-of-something-to-wash-the-memory-out-of-your-brain disturbing.

  22. The 600 series had rubber skin. We spotted them easy, but these are new. They look human… sweat, bad breath, everything. Very hard to spot. I had to wait till he moved on you before I could zero on him.

  23. The clip would be way more convincing if they showed it being taken off at the end – a la Mission Impossible.

    This leaves some doubt (except for the brief second of flapping chest plate).

  24. Go Canadian Engineering! Dude was wearing an Iron Ring!!!

    Oh, and the mask is cool too, except for the eye thing, but woohoo!

  25. BTW the background music is by a guy named JT Bruce. He is a guitar wizard who makes his stuff available under creative commons for people to use for whatever the hell they want.

  26. Francis: I hate elevators.
    Francis: I hate helicopters.
    Francis: I hate hospitals. And doctors and lawyers and cops…
    Bill: Francis is there anything you don’t hate?
    Francis: You know what I don’t hate? I don’t hate vests.

  27. [Begin Dan Ackroyd Voice]
    Wanna see something really scary?
    [End Dan Ackroyd Voice]

    I was somewhat expecting the actor to take the mask off at the end, and possibly be female.

  28. Creepily realistic. I guess “Stalker” or “Pornstar” wouldn’t sell as many masks. Still @ nearly $700 the thing BETTER be convincing.
    What I noticed was the mouth. Clearly the mask’s mouth was much larger than the wearer.
    Still, if you consider getting one for halloween, just hope someone else doesn’t go on a crime spree wearing one or you’ll likely find yourself with lots of explaining to do!
    It’s kind of like the person I knew who decided to go to a halloween party as the shoe-bomber… and tried to get there by public transportation…

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