Fireworks animation by Pes

Happy Independence Day!


  1. I would like to propose to re-purpose this day to the new and improved April’s fools day – shall we call it July’s fools day?

    Waving little flags and singing ‘land of the free’ while the ruling class rips off more than half of your wealth at gun-point – if that’s not a fool ten I don’t know what is ;-)

    1. At least we’re getting screwed over by our own duly elected representatives (depending on the reliability of your state’s voting machines). That’s still a net win for America!

      If Cory ever wants to vote in his new country he has to pledge his allegiance to the queen now, even when she does silly stuff.

  2. Cory might be a lucky position as a Canadian. If you search for Rick Mercer, Canada explained, Everything you wanted to know about Canada but were afraid to ask on the site you will learn that the queen already is Cory’s tyrant.
    Would love to give a direct link but that CBC site does not let me do that.

    1. She may be his tyrant but until now he’s never had to swear an oath of loyalty to her. That will change if he decides to get English citizenship.

      The off-putting idea of swearing allegiance to a person, rather than a cause, is one of the things that makes me glad to be an American on days like today. We’re not perfect but at least the people running the place aren’t chosen by bloodline (not on paper, anyway).

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