Jam infused with Lady Di's hair and other strange ingredients

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Sam Bompas is selling a line of "occult jam" infused with specs of Princess Diana's hair, sand from the Great Pyramids, and wood from The Victory, a warship from the Battle of Trafalgar. He created it for the Surreal House exhibition at Barbican Art Gallery and will soon sell it through his jelly company, Bompas and Parr. From CNN:
Bompas decided he wanted to push it to the limit - to see how far he could go with infusing some of the strangest objects, but also ones we can all relate to - by putting them in his jam. So he got on eBay and purchased locks of Diana's hair and got together his other ingredients to start preparations...

"We wanted the jams to have these weird and wonderful ingredients," Bompas said. "By using things like sand from Egypt, hair from Princess Diana,
if you are going to choose an odd ingredient, choose one that everyone can relate to. It can open up those conversations, and it will. Everyone can
have those conversations about how they feel about it - it's the eternal debate of what is art. What has started out as art itself has become a product with a lot of major retailers."

Perhaps Bompas has Princess Diana to thank for that, because now the founder is preparing to make the jam available through retailers worldwide, instead of just the store at the Art Gallery (where it sells for about $7 a jar). Bompas said the jams have been through all the normal testing procedures to ensure safety and shelf-life testing.

"For sale: Jam infused with Princess Diana's hair"


  1. Yes, because royal locks of hair from Ebay are guaranteed to be the real deal. I would pay up to 25 cents for this jam, and that would be only for the ridiculous label.

  2. “he jams have been through all the normal testing procedures to ensure safety”

    How does food that contains human hair pass safety testing?

      1. I’m more afraid of what milk jam would taste like than with homeopathic traces of human hair!

  3. All jam on this planet already contains remnants of dinosaur urine, albeit in minutely small quantities that have been naturally altered chemically to become their atomic constituents.

    Replace the phrase “dinosaur urine” with just about anything else and it still holds true for most jam.

  4. How long until he releases the obvious Lisa Lisa Occult Jam?

    Seriously, 13 comments and I’m the first one to make a Lisa Lisa joke? Shit, that one practically writes itself.

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