Suitcase converts to a scooter, stroller and luggage-cart


15 Responses to “Suitcase converts to a scooter, stroller and luggage-cart”

  1. Anonymous says:

    suitcase that doesn’t actually hold stuff? just so you can turn it into a scooter?

    who has time or space for this nonsense? give me a backpack over this any day.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Weellll – have you considered using it for a dog. My dog is too long for stroller, removal carry bag because I cannot carry my 18 lb dog thru the whole airport. If there is enough room for my squashable wardrobe, it is perfect.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if they’ve seen the thing called a Trunki (mentioned above)

    Good thing Trunki didn’t apply for a patent, but they do have a design registration (a trademark, I assume?)

  4. zgz says:

    these are those overly complicated suitcases that make the case itself heavier that the content they can hold, which always seems odd to me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, on the one hand if you don’t have to lift it does it matter? On the other hand I guess airports have weight restrictions.

  5. sswaan says:

    Whew! This thing almost made me want to have kids…until I read the commentary on how stupid it was. Dodged that bullet.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah those wheels roll great until the 1st time you fly and the airline workers throw it around! Neat idea but not very practical in the real world!

  7. sleepylemur says:

    Weak sauce these; where are the robot luggage carts that follow you around?

  8. Nelson.C says:

    That’s nice and all, but is it any good as an ice-hockey stick?

  9. Gorgonzilla says:

    So, where’s the motorized version?

  10. MatanArie says:

    According to the video this luggage is only appropriate for white people.

    I’m sure airport security is thrilled with the idea of people riding around on their luggage. Makes me feel safer already.

    Design Question 1: The stroller case is held vertically, with a vertical handlebar. You’d be knocking your knees into the back of the case constantly as you walked, or else have to tilt the suitcase towards you. Resulting in “Baby Death”.

    Design question 2: Most suitcases have their wheels (if any) as protected as possible, set in grooves or protected by fins. The wheels on these suitcase seem very vulnerable to the inevitable knocks and bumps of suitcase life…

    • Nadreck says:

      Well it’s about time there was some balance in this sort of thing. I, for one, am tired of all those exclusively Black stick figures.

  11. Felix Mitchell says:

    It’s not converting. These are three different, stupid, products.

    How is that guy steering the ‘scooter’ when it has no steering mechanism?

    The SURFN’s ridable platform just takes up a lot of space, leaving you a very thin part to use as actual suitcase space. It doesn’t look like a very stable way to transport kids or luggage. And airports have trolleys if you need that kind of thing.

    The RIDN is just a bigger version of the Trunki:

    STROLLN is just bad, looks like it could only be used by a toddler for about a year or two before he’s too big for it.

    Horrible product names too.

  12. rebdav says:

    I think it is great that long range pedestrian luggage with kid transport in mind is at least on the minds of designers. I just wish that scooters were considered acceptable for adults, I get enough strange looks riding a folding bicycle.

  13. Patrick Dodds says:

    I rather like the look of it, though I doubt you’d get much more than a toilet bag inside it.

    @ rebdav – put me down as one who dislikes folding bikes – sorry. I get a packed commuter train every morning where even standing space is at a premium – a folding bike takes up approximately 1.4 X that of a standing human, thereby more than doubling carriage space usage by folding bike riders. Plus they are dorky and oily… But hey, don’t mind me, I’m a bit worn out today and likely shouldn’t be commenting.

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