Bounty Hunter

By Owen Harris

Created in Unity (get the browser plugin), Owen's entry has artwork by Tom Moore and bespoke chiptune-style music by Andreuch O'Maonaigh.

Play Bounty Hunter


  1. Anyone having difficulty playing this one?
    Am I stupid or is Firefox not getting this plugin?

  2. Decent artwork, but the game is terribly broken. First of all, there is no music. Second, half of the game seems to be missing.

    After restarting the page a few times, I eventually got a playable state. My guess is he exported the game as web player streamed and not just a web player? I really have no idea for this weird behavior.

  3. You are quite right sir.

    I apologise profusely.
    Twas at the end of a long day that I exported it, and I am still very much in the process of learning unity.

    I will endeavour to provide a working link shortly.
    In the mean time I have furnished Boing Boing with a correctly exported version.

    Thanks for pointing that out


  4. Hey. Fun! Thanks! Played to completion!

    Also, FYI: I got stuck in the scenery, slightly embedded within the corner just as you drop down into the room at the extreme bottom left.

  5. The game and audio play great for me on Firefox. I’m wishing it was a bit longer, but I’m guessing the goal was more proof of concept than a long narrative.

    I’d love to see this game/style/music explored with longer gameplay. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much DrPop.

      We put it together in two weeks and I am pretty new to unity so its a lot shorter than I would have liked.

      I am beginning a new project tomorrow, but I may return to this after to flesh it out.

      Thanks again for the words of encouragement!

  6. Game was short. i thought it was a trick so I jumped back up the chute thinking I had found the another way to go. I ran and jumped off the side which led to an infinite fall into a lovely blank blue screen.

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