Zachary Johnson • Zachstronaut

Zachary's Infiltration was built with JavaScript and HTML5's canvas tag, but contains powerful lighting and blending effects normally the province of Flash -- a perfect showcase for plugin-free browser gaming.

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  1. Hello I am Zachary Johnson aka zachstronaut. I’m very excited to have my game amongst the contest finalists. Best of luck everybody! Thanks again to Boing Boing for putting this together and Tettix for his excellent music.

  2. The keyboard control scheme was… interesting. I liked the innovation, but I never really felt in control. Perhaps if a faint outline of the keyboard remained to give me a hint as to which keys I should be going for instead of my mad mashing techniques.

  3. The trick to success is really to imagine that your keyboard is like a touch screen overlaid on top of the videogame. And then mash furiously! Having a low profile keyboard helps :p

    Thanks to everybody who has played and voted for me!!!

  4. The control scheme is interesting, but doesn’t really work for keyboard layouts that are too different from Qwerty. — A dvorak-typist

  5. I like the control scheme a lot, but it needs some tweaking. Maybe make the bullets seek a little to compensate?

    The darkness adds a lot to it as well. Good work!

  6. Thanks to everybody who voted for me! Second place is great!

    I added a high score table for anybody who is in to that sort of thing. =)

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