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Beat Boost into the right color fields--and perform front flips--without hitting the floor. Result: high scores. Each level is a visual representation of the track being played. Sean explains how: "To achieve this I converted each mp3 to a wav and then transcribed the wav to MIDI. The MIDI file is then used to generate the blocks in the level and determine the length."

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  1. This does a good job of being inspired by the music and I like the graphics, but the game play is a little dull since there’s no penalty for being off the blocks.

      1. For some reason, the music is always muted when it starts. There is no UI for volume control. One must guess it’s +/- on the keyboard.

        1. Not sure why it’s doing that. I’ll look into getting the game to start up with a reasonable volume and adding the -/+ thing to the “Controls” part of the page.

  2. I like that you went for a game driven by the music itself. I find that the background is scrolling way too fast for my liking and it’s hard for me to see the streams of blocks given that I’m partially colorblind (also exacerbated by the frantic background scrolling). Still, a nice entry.

  3. Good ui and design. I couldn’t get it to work in my browser (Firefox), but it worked fine in Safari (audio and all).

  4. The music is good but i dont understand how its getting so many votes, its like an interactive screensaver with a scoring system, its not a game.

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