Givenchy fashion inspired by anatomy

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Fashion designer Riccardo Tisci's latest couture collection for Givenchy was inspired by Frida Kahlo's obsessions with religion, sensuality, and human anatomy. What, no menswear!? From
The zipper pulls were little bones, a belt was a spinal column re-created in porcelain. The dominant motif of the collection was the skeleton, laid out flat in the lace appliquéd on a long tulle column, or rendered in three dimensions in obsessively dense clusters of crystals, pearls, and lace on the back of a jacket in double silk duchesse satin. Nestled in the middle? A tiny ceramic skull sprouting angel wings. At one point during his presentation, Tisci rather tellingly muttered, "A romantic way to see death."
Givenchy Fall 2010 Couture Collection (Thanks, Kelly Sparks!)


  1. And as usual all fashion is made for women, ’cause man all run around naked except for a couple of rags that are misleadingly advertised as ‘clothes’ and don’t deserve t

  2. That’s so interesting that I’ll try to look past the fact that both of these women look utterly ridiculous.

  3. Inspired by anatomy? i would have guessed it was inspired by crotchless chaps…

    1. Aren’t all chaps crotchless? – Oh sorry, I did not mean you chaps over there…

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