Givenchy fashion inspired by anatomy


9 Responses to “Givenchy fashion inspired by anatomy”

  1. tp1024 says:

    And as usual all fashion is made for women, ’cause man all run around naked except for a couple of rags that are misleadingly advertised as ‘clothes’ and don’t deserve t

  2. Xopher says:

    Costumes for the villainess in a crappy horror movie.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That’s so interesting that I’ll try to look past the fact that both of these women look utterly ridiculous.

  4. GrumpySteen says:

    The world really needed crotchless designer wedding dresses.

  5. scifijazznik says:

    Inspired by anatomy? i would have guessed it was inspired by crotchless chaps…

  6. bat21 says:

    My cat would love to play with those dresses.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nothing says haute couture like an exposed groin.

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