Mat Ricardo one-man show in London and Edinburgh


5 Responses to “Mat Ricardo one-man show in London and Edinburgh”

  1. TheVoBRX says:

    I think he answered his question within his own question. That is to say, it is a question of priorities.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Looks like standard low-rent busker level stuff…at Buskerfest in Toronto there are dozens of guys way better than this…maybe he should do something else.

  3. trevcaru says:

    Wasnt so impressed. His skills seemed mediocre. I mean, most things at the renaissance festival could contend with this easily. Wasnt anything special. Ive seen people do some crazy tricks with blocks before that would put this dude to shame. Cool presentation though, with the video.

  4. teufelsdroch says:

    Everyone’s talent is called to question eventually. The bottom line is: is this something you HAVE to do? Are you happy doing anything else?

    Because, seriously, we’re 7 billion people on an island in the middle of nowhere. Experts are later shown to be frauds, and which artists or scientists get picked to survive in the collective memory is mostly chance.

    Strip it down to what you love. Express that love; express yourself. You’ll be happier and audiences will respond.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Love how “impossible tricks” is followed by the oldest and easiest trick in the book, the table cloth trick. Am hoping that was supposed to be funny and ironic. Hope he is funnier than his tricks are tricky.

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