Sauerkraut factory collapses in Ohio


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  1. jdk998 says:

    FTA: “one dead, three injured.” Why is this amusing?

  2. LovelyAndroid says:

    It’ll be sad when the kitteh becomes jaded and can no longer be shocked.

  3. PeaceNerd says:

    Nice, now can we get one in front of the double rainbow?

  4. GeekMan says:

    It was on its last legs for years, but when the German football team didn’t make the finals, it couldn’t take the shock.

  5. usagizero says:

    Wow, “one dead and three injured” sure is funny. WTF??

  6. Vidya108 says:

    This shocked-cat meme is even better than the just-look-at-it banana meme.

  7. vanvalkenburgh says:

    Shocked kitteh pics!

    I did BP

    Make your own with cropped png template! do it now…

    • Anonymous says:

      I think I am in love with you.

      P.S. It is sad that people died in this incident, I must have a black shrivelled heart to hear that news and yet giggle insanely over a picture of a kitteh.

  8. bardfinn says:

    It’s funny because it’s pickled cabbage.

    That stuff is funny, I don’t care /what/ the IRS says.

  9. WoRN808 says:

    I’m really disappointed that Boing Boing would run a story about a saurkraut factory collapse that killed 1 and injured several others as if this were just too funny. If you’re so hip and think you’re so “all that” that human life doesn’t mean a thing to you anymore, you’ve got serious problems.

  10. apoxia says:

    Why does shocked cat have to mean funny? Shocked cat could mean just that – shocked. If you find the shocked cat image funny then that’s your own interpretation I guess.

    • IamInnocent says:

      You win the prize of hyper-rationalization for the whole year: nobody can beat you now.

      No, this was in extremely poor taste. Xeni does sense of humor gravitates around that a lot. It is just a fact of Xeni being who she is. Live with it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    How many thousands of people die every day? Only one died? Yes, it’s terrible for that person, their friends, and their family, but in the larger scheme of things, we can be amused by the idea of a sauerkraut factory at all.

  12. cjp says:

    Please, someone do shocked cat at the G20 for me. Picasa has bested me tonight.

    And, for the record, it’s just sad about the crushed workers, not funny.

  13. vanvalkenburgh says:

    G20 Shocked Kitteh done (and Animated GIF!):

  14. pilcrow says:

    A kraut factory collapsed? This is the wurst news I’ve heard today.

    • Notary Sojac says:

      …the wurst news I’ve heard today…

      We’re fortunate to have the web so that we can easily link to the topic.

  15. G144 says:

    Mel Brooks defined comedy v. tragedy this way: “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when a man falls down a manhole and dies.” I think this would be much more worthwhile story if there was a description of a LOT of sauerkraut in the mess.

  16. middleclass says:

    This is god’s way of saying “No” to pasteurized sauerkraut.

  17. Brett Myers says:

    Shocked kitteh is weak. I’ll be disappointed in the internets if shocked kitteh becomes a meme. It’s just a LOLCAT without the LOL.

  18. PeaceNerd says:

    I can haz relish insted?

  19. endymion says:

    Firmly in the “not funny” camp.

    There was a previous post from almost exactly a year ago (7/8/2009) about a factory worker dying in a vat of chocolate. Also submitted by Xeni (who I generally like, of course). Also not giggle-inducing; same reason.

    What’s up with the similarity of dates? A coincidence?

  20. agnot says:

    Perchance a horror motif has begun?

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Anonymous says:

    I’m just bummed they ran this but passed over the guy who threw a puppy at a bunch of Hell’s Angels, then successfully escaped from them on a stolen bulldozer.

  23. bja009 says:

    Shocked kitteh is now a meme.

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