The definitive Barack Obama portrait

Drew Carey offers a splendid presidential portrait, as seen in South Africa. [@DrewFromTV]


    1. Good grief. What an appalling site. Just another cesspit for the far-right crazies. I’m sorry I gave it any traffic.

    1. I’m a sweet bipartisan from bipartisan collaborvania huh huh

      So come into the Senate
      and see what I’ve got in it
      I can see you quiver with
      filibus… tation

  1. Green lips eh’…..
    He’s an alien, GET ‘IM!

    This just in, the birthers already said that two years ago, move along.

  2. Too bad.

    He is a marker for what the USA has become.

    Unfortunately, this marker shows that he is like all other politicians, and shows nothing of what he promised.

    I will go back to never voting again, unless Palin runs. I will vote against her, no matter what – she is a bimbo.

    1. I don’t think the bimbo thing is a real problem, or even an appropriate insult, everyone seemed to understand man-bimbos like Bill Clinton and JFK.

      Not qualified to lead?… Probably more openly than everyone else who shouldn’t be allowed to run for office.

  3. I have six yards of the fabric that I purchased when I was in South Africa last year. It’s slightly different colors and the whole fabric contains a lot more interesting imagery. Roses, town cars, green birds, the phrase: “hooray for the president.” I’ll sell it to the highest bidder.

  4. Really? I remember talking with black kids on mtsu’s campus who were wearing obama t-shirts, and wondering, “why?” Like, cause he’s black? Read his speech to aipac. or his comment on the bombing of gaza jan 2009. this man is not a hero. he is not different.

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