Choir Boats: free YA fantasy novel download is Gulliver's Travels meets Golden Compass and Pride & Prejudice

ChiZine publishing and author Daniel A. Rabuzzi are giving away free PDFs of Rabuzzi's YA fantasy novel The Choir Boats : "Described as 'vibrant' and rich with 'verve and wit,' it's a seagoing fantasy yarn that is like 'Gulliver's Travels crossed with The Golden Compass and a dollop of Pride and Prejudice.'"

Book of the Month: Critically Acclaimed Fantasy (Thanks, Daniel!)


  1. I fully recommend this book for adults as well. It is written in an antiquated prose style–very Dickensian. The magic is strange and haunting, and the cast is diverse–the author subtly examines class and race.

  2. I highly recommend this book. Daniel visited Swarthmore College earlier this year to give a reading and discussion and it was phenomenal. Kudos to ChiZine and Daniel for making this happen (and to his wife, Deborah, for the wonderful illustrations).

  3. I would like to share etherallad and willhopkins enthusiasm by reading this book yet the .pdf download is not functional as it cannot be opened.

    The message I received was:

    “There was an error opening this document. Bad encrypt dictionary”

    Why am I telling you? You guys just linked it, you don’t run that website. Just, to warn my fellow readers and perhaps to learn that I did something wrong and find a solution.

    1. Nevermind about the error. I was using Adobe Acrobat. I download the newest copy of Adobe reader and was able to open the document. Next time I will fix the issue first and then don’t bother anyone about it.

  4. “Nevermind about the error. I was using Adobe Acrobat.”

    No, the issue is bigger than just that. It won’t open in my version of Apple Preview, which is the current version for OS 10.4.x, but it does open in preview 5.0.x in 10.6.x.

    While it doesn’t seem nefarious or anything (the text isn’t copy protected, so that isn’t it) it is an issue that people may want to know about.

  5. A few readers were running into problems opening the PDF, so we (at WOWIO) just made it available in an earlier version of the PDF format that’s compatible with Adobe Reader version 6 and later. This should clear up any issues, as long as your PDF app supports v6+. If you were having trouble previously, try downloading a fresh copy and let us know how it goes.

    Enjoy — we think it’s an awesome book!

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