Twitter + coffee + Lovecraft = Tweet of Twithulhu mug


"In his cubicle at R'lyeh, dead Cthulhu waits, sipping."

Only $13.99. From Warren Ellis.


    1. You appear to believe that this mug is made and sold by twitter. I suggest you examine the links, and learn the truth of the matter.

      1. No, no. I don’t care by whom the mug is made or sold or endorsed. There are fans who make mugs or get tattoos of Twitter icons. There may still be fans who do needlepoint art of Arthur Fonzarelli. Neither event reverses the jumping of their respective sharks.

        Actually this mug isn’t so bad in as far as it’s a parody of twitter instead of a celebration of twitter, but the caption “tweet of twithulu” put me over the edge. Jokes about tweets, twits, twats, all puns and variations are as stale as the street slang seen in any given sitcom. Neither funky nor fresh nor dope nor fly, dog. Word to your twitter.

  1. I saw this and I immediately thought of Dr. Zoidberg.

    Then I realized that Dr. Zoidberg _is_ Cthulu!!


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