Victorian gas-mask from Bob Basset

"Victorian Gas Mask" is the latest creation from Ukrainian steampunk/fetish leatherworkers Bob Basset. Love the little smoked glass inserts.

Victorian Gas Mask.


  1. nice to see that you’ve acknowledged the fetish direction of these masks, Cory. Now how long before you abandon the ‘Steampunk’ training wheels?

  2. Anony Mouse, I was about to say the same thing. That it’s good Cory is finally acknowledging that he’s just posting his sexual fetishes on the blog here and dressing it up in steampunk language.

    Maybe I oughtta start doing the same thing on my blog. “OMG this full-figured mostly-naked chick in fishnet stockings on all fours is so steampunk!”

  3. While I agree that these could be fetishistic gear, I can also see them as gorgeous steampunk creations. But then, I’m a girl. :p

  4. I like most of Bob Basset’s masks but not this one. It’s too gaudy around the eyes. Too bad because it has a lot of intricate leather work on it.

    I think Cory as always been aware of the “fetish” aspect of these masks, but every time he posts one someone invariably pops in to say “Do you know these are fetish masks?”.

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