Road notes: 24 hours in Dublin with photographer Glen E. Friedman and barista champ Colin Harmon


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great write up Sean, I love Dublin as a city, looking forward to catching Glenn’s exhibition before it closes.

    On the photos I am loving the Hipstamatic app combined with the new camera on the iphone4 – the quality of the shots is great, pity I can’t take a decent photo!

  2. caroline says:

    Jeez, friends thought I was nuts for hopping a plane to NYC for just over 24 hours.

    I went to a portrait lighting workshop and two punk shows, plus discovered what ‘poutine’ is.

  3. Anonymous says:

    this makes me very very sad that I was stuck at work on that day and could not make the opening :(

    Oh well. at least I know where to take my date for coffee tomorrow though :)

  4. MauiMaker says:

    WTF i’ve done in past 24?
    Spent 4 hours at CrashSpace chillin with the crew and planning our teleconf setup; got a few hours sleep; read boingboing, /., hackaday, wired; got a few ducks lined up for TheMove; Spent 8 hours writing G-code and screwing up Al blocks in a Haas Mini Mill. Lots of fail fail fail WIN! Oh yeah, I walked the dogs and kissed my wife. A good 24. Now back to that g-code!

  5. Anonymous says:

    WTF have I done in the last 24 hours?

    While you trounced around Europe I worked the Emergency Operations Center at EPA Headquarters for 13 hours, watched two episodes of The Wire, Season 5, slept and gone back to work.

    But I’ll be seeing Ian McKaye soon enough so you enjoy trouncing and I’ll enjoy reading this blog.

    • Sean Bonner says:

      Watching episodes of The Wire is always time well spent in my book! I actually caught up on Treme on the plane..

      • Anonymous says:

        and trouncing around europe to punk exhibitions is time well spent in my book. i’ve been trouncing around the US to shows this spring, NY (Chris Knox benefit), Carrboro (Superchunk at Cats Cradle), Denver (Lou Barlow and Westword Music Showcase (feat. Superchunk), and Salt Lake (Defiance, Ohio).

        finished The Wire tonight. EOC again tomorrow and Friday.

        damn I’m jealous. guess I have to wait for the Ian’s Ft. Reno show to call myself even though.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh man… 12 euro for a return bus ticket? You could have taken Dublin Bus (the 746 or 747) for half that!

    Zaytoon kebabs though, great choice!!

  7. happenchance says:

    Great article! Which iPhone apps did you use for the B&W and panoramic photos?

  8. Anonymous says:

    what have you been up to for the last 24 hours?

    By coach to Common-garden Coffee-house, where by appointment I was to meet Harris; which I did, and also Mr. Cooper the great painter, and Mr. Hales. And thence presently to Mr. Cooper’s house to see some of his work; which is all in little, but so excellent as, though I must confess I do think the colouring of the flesh to be a little forced, yet the painting is so extraordinary as I do never expect to see the like again.

  9. Sean Bonner says:

    Thanks! I used Hipstamatic for the square b/w shots, and AutoStich for the panoramas. Tons more examples on my Flickr account, but I highly recommend both!

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