Call for beta testers!

Hello from the depths of Boing Boing! We're working on a new way for people to let us know about wonderful things, and we need some industrious happy mutants to help us test it out. If you're interested in helping, please comment on this thread and email me so we can give you access.

EDIT: Anonymous comments don't count. Sorry. I need your BoingBoing username to turn on access for you.

ALRIGHT, THAT'S ENOUGH. Thanks to all of you who volunteered! You'll be receiving instructions from me via email shortly. New comments and requests to beta test may or may not, but probably will, be viciously ignored.


  1. Sign me up! Happy to help. And tired of seeing submissions show up a couple weeks later from someone else. :\

  2. I have sent a piece of electronic mail, this comment upon this webzone should further declare my intent.

  3. Go on then. As long as it’s not Intel Mac only. That lets me and my obsolete computer out. Oh yeah & not iPhone. I don’t have one. If it’s Android or Symbian I can give it a raz.

  4. Champ? Check.
    Ogopogo? Check.
    I loves me some cryptids and would pitch in on the testing if needed.

  5. Glad to be of assistance to the Mothership. Please let me know how I can help you best…

  6. Experienced beta tester and programmer here. Would love to get in on the Beta-y goodness. :)

  7. More than happy to help. boingboing is my go to place for all things wonderful. I was there when there was no Internet.

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