Call for beta testers!


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  1. gevertulley says:

    (disclosure: Mark Frauenfelder is my editor at Make: magazine)

  2. cholten99 says:

    Being in a beta test rather than running one for a change? Sounds like fun to me! :-)

  3. Lilith999 says:

    I’d love to help out!

  4. doingdoing says:


  5. garys says:

    Sign me up…

  6. aHarshDM says:

    Let loose the dogs of beta!

  7. annwn says:

    “i am the lasht one!”
    -Sean Connery, Dragonheart

  8. Frank_in_Virginia says:

    More than happy to help. boingboing is my go to place for all things wonderful. I was there when there was no Internet.

  9. David Carroll says:

    Hi Dean. Sign me up. I don’t have to get into a skinner box do I?

  10. NegativeK says:

    Oh, I get to try to break things in beta? I’m in.

  11. jockmac22 says:

    I’m happy to help out, assuming it’s not a full time job. ;)

  12. sapcolumbus says:

    Would love to help out Boing Boing on this. I’m in.

  13. TJ S says:

    I’m always willing to help try and break things.

  14. Ben says:

    Looking forward to it

  15. assembledline says:

    sounds like fun.

  16. Rajio says:

    Whats the worst that could happen?

  17. EFDisaster says:

    Sign me up, too

  18. Xopher says:

    Love it! Love to help. I’m an experienced QA tester, too.

  19. BsmithDukeLaw says:

    Love to try helping on this!

  20. will_orz says:

    A call for beta testers is like sugar for ants. Sending e-mail.

  21. thequickbrownfox says:

    Count me in.

  22. Kaden says:

    Industrious? Check.

    Happy? Check.

    Mutant? Glizbulk.

    Yeah… I qualify.

  23. James says:

    Sign me up! Happy to help. And tired of seeing submissions show up a couple weeks later from someone else. :\

  24. jazzcat007 says:

    Let’s do it!

  25. donopolis says:

    sounds fun…sign me up!

  26. theo says:

    BoingBoing GoingDoingOoing WasabiWannabe…

  27. dianne says:

    I’ll do it. As long as I don’t have to hunt for chupacabras.

  28. Mark Gordon says:

    I’m interested.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Love to get involved. Sign me up.

  30. seric says:

    Always happy to help, sign me up.

  31. mclasenboing says:

    Am i just too late?

  32. BJF says:

    ok Im always good at breaking things

  33. Anonymous says:

    I have sent a piece of electronic mail, this comment upon this webzone should further declare my intent.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I’d love to help out.

  35. barrymcw says:

    I’ll give it a shot.

  36. Sunfell says:

    Sure! This mutant is always happy to help out.

  37. jlar says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

  38. Jim_Graham says:

    Cryptids. Those are like Tribbles, right? I’m game. Where do I sign?

  39. cha0tic says:

    Go on then. As long as it’s not Intel Mac only. That lets me and my obsolete computer out. Oh yeah & not iPhone. I don’t have one. If it’s Android or Symbian I can give it a raz.

  40. Daimiaen says:

    Happy to do Beta testing….

  41. ljmabouttown says:

    Beta testing hand raiser here.

  42. moniker42 says:

    What’s good beta testing

  43. JeffreyMartin says:

    I’d love to test it :)

  44. Anonymous says:

    (Thirty) First! Let’s do it! – Leigh Feldman

  45. dr.hypercube says:

    Champ? Check.
    Ogopogo? Check.
    I loves me some cryptids and would pitch in on the testing if needed.

  46. Gspeex says:

    I could test beta as best as any other beta tester coul! Put me down!

  47. zuludaddy says:

    Glad to be of assistance to the Mothership. Please let me know how I can help you best…

  48. lovekiller says:

    Sure! Sign me up. :D

  49. carborundum says:

    Sounds like fun, and I’ve got the summer off. Mail time!

  50. spike55151 says:

    I’ll have a go!

  51. GundamCat says:

    Would like to help out with the beta testing! :)

  52. janusnode says:


  53. Anonymous says:

    I will help!

  54. fejsez says:

    Let me help!

  55. candycritic says:

    I’m down.

  56. Eris Siva says:

    Experienced beta tester and programmer here. Would love to get in on the Beta-y goodness. :)

  57. Salviati says:

    I’m not quite sure what I’m signing up for, but sure…why not?

  58. RobNoxious says:

    Email sent. Comment posted. Cryptid friendly.

    We are go.

  59. DaveP says:

    hi im in

  60. diamantiferous says:

    Hi Dean, it’s Daisy. Sign me up!

  61. RockinBrian says:

    Glad to help, if you’ll have me.

  62. MiG39 says:

    Funny comment. Sign me up.

  63. Dave Faris says:

    I’m industrious but not particularly happy at the moment. Can I still play?

  64. EMJ says:

    I’ll try

  65. jlc3 says:

    beta mmmm.

  66. deep9x says:

    I don’t comment that often, but I love breaking things.

  67. shashi2005 says:

    Ready, willing & totally incompetant help is here.
    Sign me up.

  68. Waffles says:

    Nothing gets me going like some hot beta action. Sign me up.

  69. wendyleah says:

    pick me pick me

  70. gurnblanston says:

    I’ll test your betas. Glad to be of service.

  71. Zorba says:

    Sounds fun!

  72. Cindy says:

    Ooh, beta…

  73. spindler says:

    I’m always up for beta.

  74. Nelson.C says:

    I’m game! We’ll see who breaks first.

  75. tedrock says:

    Happy. Willing. Able.

  76. TelstarLogistics says:

    Yes please!

  77. schnaars says:

    I’m up for this. Sign me up.

  78. championselector says:

    count me in

  79. bodenski says:

    I’ll even try something old, borrowed or blue.

  80. omar says:

    I’m in

  81. labargmd says:

    Glad to help.

  82. Doctor Popular says:

    I like breaking things!

  83. saurier says:

    I should love to.

  84. lectroid says:

    Beta me, babycakes!

  85. skeletoncityrepeater says:

    I want to help with whatever this is!

  86. therationalpi says:

    I’m in. Hook me up.

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