Double Rainbow, the feature film

Oh my god. It's so intense. What does it mean?

The Meaning Of Rainbows - Trailer (Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow) [YouTube, thanks Shane]


  1. i once saw a circular rainbow. from a plane. to this day i still have flashbacks. circular rainbows are not meant to be seen by mortals.

  2. I saw and photographed a triple rainbow in Hat Creek Valley, British Columbia back in ’90. Wish there’d been You Tube around back then to post everyone’s reactions because they were…intense.

  3. So the Jewish view on rainbows are two sided.
    On one hand it is a warning that the world is engaging in too much violence and robbery requiring the reminder that you humans are messing up but here is a rainbow to show that there is NOT a flood coming, but clean up your act.
    On the other hand the rainbow the moon and other celestial events are worthy of a special blessing and should not be stared at as they are a manifestation of the shcina(closeness of G-d).

  4. I’m kinda jealous of that guy’s life, or what seems to be that guy’s life. Or, at least I’d like to live where he lives. It’s super nice.

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