Double Rainbow, the feature film


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  1. rebdav says:

    So the Jewish view on rainbows are two sided.
    On one hand it is a warning that the world is engaging in too much violence and robbery requiring the reminder that you humans are messing up but here is a rainbow to show that there is NOT a flood coming, but clean up your act.
    On the other hand the rainbow the moon and other celestial events are worthy of a special blessing and should not be stared at as they are a manifestation of the shcina(closeness of G-d).

  2. YakHerder says:

    There’s enough miracles here to blow ya brains.

  3. Ugly Canuck says:

    And here is a beautiful song by the incomparable Sarah Vaughn – her cover of Jobim’s “Double Rainbow”:


  4. ryanrafferty says:

    This is the kind film meant for 3D. I would see it for sure.

  5. Tim says:

    I’d go see this.

    It looks intense.

  6. EH says:

    “In a world…”

  7. cjp says:

    I saw and photographed a triple rainbow in Hat Creek Valley, British Columbia back in ’90. Wish there’d been You Tube around back then to post everyone’s reactions because they were…intense.

  8. GreatRewards says:

    Double Rainbow All The Way!

  9. Shroomy says:

    I’m kinda jealous of that guy’s life, or what seems to be that guy’s life. Or, at least I’d like to live where he lives. It’s super nice.

  10. spcfgt says:

    Might I also recommend DOUBLE RAINBOW SONG!! by the Gregory Brothers, the same people who bring you Auto-tune the News.

  11. SB-129 says:

    i once saw a circular rainbow. from a plane. to this day i still have flashbacks. circular rainbows are not meant to be seen by mortals.

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