Nicolas Cage dives in to the lore of Nicola Tesla

As preparation for his role in the upcoming Sorcerer's Apprentice, Nicolas Cage delves deep into the mysteries (and technical accomplishments) of Nikola Tesla. Some spooky coincidences involving pigeons, flesh wounds, and debt. (via Bre)


  1. The Tesla cult is kind of over the top. Yes, he was brilliant, and yes, Edison ripped him off, but we’re lucky that some of his schemes (like delivering power by electrifying the atmosphere, which would have been an environmental disaster) never caught on.

    1. I’ve put in on the “shit the internet likes” list, along with the “fucking _____, how do they work?” memes and whatever 10 person variation on a theme is on the front page of reddit each day.

    2. Electrify the atmosphere? How about standing under a tree* in a storm, that may deliver to you all the electricity you would ever use in your lifetime all at once.
      *Not recommended

  2. So happy to see this link is to The Georgia Straight. I love the fact that BB is border blind.

    The sequel to this movie should be Tesla’s vision for the future: Queen Bee women who run the world zipping around in his flying machines, eradicating evil with his teleforce death rays. Everyone would greet each other by holding up three fingers – Tesla’s favourite (OCD) number.

    Wait. I’m totally going to quit my job and become a B movie producer.

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