Girl on the Wall: sweet little romantic comedy

Greek directory/designer Gabriel Psaltakis's short film "The Girl on the Wall" is a charming and silly little romance about graffiti, fashion, and ennui.

THE GIRL ON THE WALL (Thanks, Gabriel!)


  1. That’s really well done technically too! I didn’t realize that live action simultaneous with animation had made it into the small-filmmaker budget zone already! And the credits are impressive too.

    P.S. Adorable.

  2. Ahhh , Greece !!! The wart on the bum of humanity … ohhh the humanity …

    Tzigger poula !!!

    Nice video btw …

  3. Awesome!! I will be looking for more of this guy’s work. I was laughing the whole time during the “makeover”!

  4. Great :) The first time around, I didn’t twig that it was in Greek for some reason: my Greek’s so rusty, I was just reading the subtitles.

    But listening to it with a Greeker head on, even though I could only get every Nth word, I felt the subtitles weren’t doing the writing and characters justice. Like, the long “blah blah” bit actually has them going “Ah, women, eh?” and so on: you learn the kind of guy-stuff they are talking about.

    The fact that it stands up so well even with the mediocre subtitling is very cool.

    Think I now want to hunt down more Greek subbed stuff, to drag my Greek out of complete rustiness.

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