Swedish Chef sings "Popcorn" (shrimp!)


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  1. GreatRewards says:

    Didn’t here him “sing” anything.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The ending is worth its weight in powdered UniHorn.

  3. bassplayinben says:

    bork bork bork!

  4. Donald Petersen says:

    Wow. That was made for me. I was a Muppet Show fan back in its late 70s day, when I was eight or nine. And a buddy of mine had Hot Butter’s “Popcorn” on 7-inch a few years previously. It’s really strange to see this. But as a YouTube commenter mentioned, I also love his hat flip around 3:01.

    This is possibly the best thing I’ve seen real muppeteers do in thirty years!

  5. Astragali says:

    I’m just stunned that the Swedish Chef has a microwave in his kitchen… and that Waldorf knows how to use a computer!

  6. codeman38 says:

    Be sure to turn on the subtitles using the CC button for extra laughs, if you didn’t already have them enabled.

  7. Hamsterdam says:

    Supremely well done.

  8. franko says:

    i think he loves that song almost as much as i do.

  9. Xopher says:

    For those of you who still doubt that I am a weird person, I used to play “Popcorn” by knocking on my head with my knuckles.

    This is the best thing EVER, especially the captions.

  10. turn_self_off says:

    loved the tiny “uhoh!” from the shrimp right when the microwave went “ding!”.

  11. Xopher says:

    The final shot of the shrimp nomming the popcorn and giggling is my favorite.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be fair – the height of neo-puppetry is Jon Stewart’s Michael Steele puppet. Even Denis Leary thinks so! http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/mon-july-5-2010/denis-leary

  13. tamar says:

    It’s not just this video – check all of the videos on YouTube from the Muppets Studio. They’re all brilliant.

    I actually discovered this one mostly randomly; I subscribe to that YouTube channel so that my 13 month old can be entertained, and he loved it. So did I.

  14. napstimpy says:

    I am not a shreemp, I am a KING PRAWN!

  15. Hagrid says:

    Speaking of funny pseudo-Swedish captions…

    Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yer?
    See the løveli lakes
    The wonderful telephøne system
    And mani interesting furry animals
    Including the majestic møøse
    A Møøse once bit my sister …

    • shadowfirebird says:

      You’re not the only one to see the connection; I was reminded of that, too.

      Although possibly because I’ve just been to see the (only slightly disappointing) Spamalot.

  16. bartoncasey says:

    The fantastic thing is that he actually plays the wine glasses, fruit, and pots accurately, hitting the appropriate item for each note!

    This is why you should always keep a nice bass fruit like a watermelon on hand.

  17. Anonymous says:

    How can it be “neo” when it’s done by Muppet studio? Just curious . . .

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