Spacesuits of yesteryear, from Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Collection

Over at Gizmodo there's a wonderful image gallery from the book Spacesuits: The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Collection, by author Amanda Young and photographer Mark Avino.

Incidentally, this particular image reminds me of a frame from Maurice Sendak's In the Night Kitchen. "Milk in the batter, milk in the batter! We bake cakes like nothing's the matter!"

Smithsonian's Spacesuits: Number One On The Runway (Gizmodo)


  1. Incidentally, this particular image reminds me of a frame from Maurice Sendak’s In the Night Kitchen.

    Hehe! My first thought was “space ballet.”

  2. what’s “AIRESEARCH” ? I loved seeing this. It comforts me to know that stupid barbarisms of the english language are not just endemic to our era.

  3. The links in the gizmodo comments led me to this

    Neat! A basic space suit can be tight clothes and a helmet to keep your head pressurized. Calling that a Space Activity Suit is just plain awesome.

    “C’mon kids, let’s all put on our space activity suits and play dodgeball in a vacuum!”

  4. This was a flashback trigger of sorts:

    Have Space Suit—Will Travel.

    Heinlein literally wrote the book on “How To Design Pressure Suits” and did it cleverly disguised as a entertaining YA story.

    1. If there’s a referral code on the link and you buy something, the referrer gets something.

  5. AiResearch was the name of the company that designed the suit. It was a company that did aerospace stuff, and aviation. They’re called Honeywell these days after a load of mergers.

    Google books has the same picture in one of their books page 166, with some description. Although the book is copyrighted, so I’m not sure if I’m breaking any links by linking to it.

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