Punk roboticists Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) perform in SF Bay Area on July 24

SRL will stage its first performance since relocating from San Francisco, CA to Petaluma, CA this Saturday, July 24. The show will feature the Big Arm and Running Machine, with "special" props. From 4pm to 6 pm in the field in front of the Petaluma River Heritage Center. See Rivertown Revival for location information. Free. This is not to be missed. More here. (via k0re)


  1. if ever i get to the states an srl performance will be first on my list of things to see.
    i have an old vhs tape with some of their early stuff, it is brilliantly insane and dangerous.

  2. so Spectacular!
    not to be missed, indeed.
    but if past “secret” shows are any indication, crowd attendance will be so great that many will hardly be able to see it. gonna be even more people at it with it being publicly announced.
    but it’ll probably be loud enough for everyone to hear.

    arrive early. wear protection.

  3. This looks like it should be pretty awesome. So, can I take pictures at this one, or will it be like the one a few years back in San Jose where they told me to put my Nikon D70 away because I had a “professional” camera but I wasn’t part of the approved media?

  4. Whatever happened to the SRL guy who suffered a severe head injury at a European show. Did he recover? (Hoping yes.)

  5. I live in Petaluma and’ve been waiting and waiting for them to finally put on a show. Will share pics fo sho.

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