RIP, Robert Galambos, bat-neuroscientist

The NYT obit for Robert Galambos ("Neuroscientist Who Showed How Bats Navigate") includes this smashing mad-science-y photo of a young Mr Galambos testing a bat's acoustic capability by holding it before the cone of a Victrola.

Robert Galambos, Neuroscientist Who Showed How Bats Navigate, Dies at 96 (Thanks, Steve!)

(Image: Uncredited)


  1. Back in the days when scientists had hair.

    Perhaps this is the kind of image we need to disseminate in order to get more women involved in the sciences: come on over and join the geeks — baldness no longer required!

  2. In retrospect, wouldn’t it have made sense for Batman to be blind and have a kind of “sonar-sense?” I know Daredevil later took up that niche anyway, but just sayin’.

  3. A Widow’s Peak, a bow-tie, a bat, and an ultrasonic sine-wave generator.

    How has this man _avoided_ being on Boing-Boing for this long?

  4. The Master’s Voice. Actually, the device appears to be an Hewlett-Packard audio oscillator HP200A.

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