Very weird music video by Beach House

"Walk in the Park" by Baltimore dream poppers Beach House is a fine track, but the video, directed by Allen Cordell, is really something else. Deeply weird. From the breakdown of WTF provided by our friends at TuneUp:
Of course, with the inherent struggles of simply being ‘different’, Wolfie is mocked and teased by the Quartet of Normalcy. Specifically, an angry looking hominoid who slobbers on the aforementioned hottie (easily the most gruesome part of this video)… they laugh. They taunt. And then they proceed to beat the sh*t out of him.

But fear not, Hipster Lycanthropes! Our main man has got a Kingdom-of-the-Crystal-Skull-like power to dig into his chest and reveal… A SANDWICH!

Beach House's "Walk in the Park" (Thanks, Gabe Adiv!)


  1. I was so focused on what was going on in the video, I tuned out the music. Now I’ve got to go back and play it again to see if the song was any good.

  2. Weird. It seems like there is a whole genre of drug-inspired hipster music videos emerging. Here is another example below:

    I guess it just shows that each generation/subculture has their own take on the psychedelic experience.

  3. Nicely done. I thought the sandwich was a symbol of peace at first. It turns out it was a Trojan Horse!

    Also, unless I missed something in the most recent Indiana Jones film, I think the chest-dig is a reference to the Temple of Doom?

    Mola Ram…Mola Ram… KALI MA!!!!

  4. Today is my birthday and this video is a satisfying and wholesome gift.

    Thank you Beach House, David P., and BB.

  5. i don’t care what happens in this video or who thinks i’m a hipster. this song is awesome.

  6. One Sentence Summary:
    A Werewolf in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is tormented by a screaming foursome of furies, culminating in a butt-kicking, which he thwarts with the power of an LSD sandwich pulled from his chest.

    This music video is about how white people hipsters (and their dogs) are racist against things that don’t grow beards.

  7. I’m afraid I have to post the following comment in stream of consciousness:
    You birthed a sandwich? reality. Buffy Vampires vs. wolfman. Wolfboy won. OMFG, take up a pipe, a lit lighter that close to that much facial hair? teenagers suck suck suck That must be a hella recessive. Spit? really? poor bastards all all.
    nice weimeraner, wait, woof… will that duck tape hold up longer than the picture?
    Sorry, I find SOC to be painful but that video could only be rendered thus.

  8. Is it weird that I watched the whole thing mostly because I wanted to see what kind of sandwich it would be? I was expecting a sub, myself.

  9. Interesting.

    He looks very much like Jamie Oliver at 4:00 after the introduction of the sandwich, I think.

  10. I think the video is too silly for the song. I’ve been listening to them since their first album and they were always pretty good. But their latest? Oh boy! My album of the year so far.

  11. great fucking band, and david lynch film school amateur video.
    i think that was lynchesque? amidoinitrite?

  12. I was introduced to Beach House via the (UK) ‘single of the week’ via iTunes a while back.

    Thanks iTunes! (You don’t get to say that often …)

    My only gripe about the music video is that it isn’t a music video. It’s just a cool short film with the music played over the top. I see little linkage. Nothing ‘wrong’ with that … but I like a tie-in; or at least some characters mouthing the song as a cop-out.

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