Are libraries as cool as cupcakes?

Behold the next pop culture fad: public libraries. [NPR]


  1. the city,Minneapolis,is tearing down the local library–and making a new one TWICE as big!!!-that’s cool.

  2. I work in a library. And one of my coworkers likes to bake cupcakes on the weekends and bring them in to work. Best of both worlds!

  3. A few of years ago I gasped at my end of year credit card summary, astonished how much I had spent at booksellers. My literary expenditures were ranging from $50 to over $100 a month. My girlfriend at the time (now my wife) reminded me that I could borrow books for free at the library. That year I made it my New Years resolution to renew my library card. I’ve relearned just how cool our libraries are. I don’t think I have bought a book since.

    There is even quaint little cafe across the street from the library in our town that’a supplanted the book store cafe for me.

  4. Since I started using my library’s online “hold” functionality and joined, It’s shocking how rarely I actually buy a book. I buy books at airports (in a lackabookaphobia frenzy) or because I know they will be ‘keepers’ on my bookshelf.

    1. vtRusseell, TOTALLY! I used to spend tons on books and when I discovered I could ask the library to send me books to the one closest to my home, dang,did I start saving some money.

      Now I only buy a book when it’s one I’ve already “vetted” through the library system and decided is worth the money. They definitely get my vote every time they’re up for a millage. Go Capital Area District Library!! (Lansing, MI)

  5. I think frozen yogurt is the new cupcakes. They’re still closing and limiting the hours of libraries, but new frozen yogurt stores are everywhere.

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