Fart-operated TV remote

On Instructables, Schmidtn posted how-to instructions for his Fart Operated Random Channel TV Remote.
 Image Fejhbxvgbv5Wl37 Fart-Operated-Random-Channel-Tv-RemoteMy Pops really enjoys two things; 1) channel surfing and 2) farting. So one day I was over at Hackaday and read about a guy who used his Arduino to turn a TV on and off with one of those brainwave reading headsets. Then later on that same day I was here at Instructables and a fellow had made an office chair that twitters every time he farted. So, I got to thinking and decided to mash those two hacks into one remote that changes the TV to a random channel every time he tutes!

Plus, if you throw it in a plastic enclosure and hide it between the couch cushions; you've got a purdy dang good prank!

Fart Operated Random Channel TV Remote


  1. At last! Now I can channel surf without putting down the double-stuffed pizza and cheezy sticks!

  2. A fart operated remote? I could probably play a fart operated pipe organ with the gas I’ve been getting.

  3. 21st century civilization has reached its zenith, ninety years earlier than expected.

    It’s all downhill from here, folks.

  4. This is nothing compared to the flatulence-driven device at the start of Scalzi’s The Android’s Dream.

  5. A chair that Twitters every time the occupant farts? As a comment on Twitter, that’s not bad.

  6. Really?! I would guess that all the smart women in the universe already know how boring/predictable/infantile (babies love farts) the men in the world are.

    Go for it guys: you only prove us right!

    1. Smart men already know that farts aren’t really all that funny, but annoying women with fart humor is priceless comedy.

    1. If my SO had this, we wouldn’t get to watch anything after dinner for longer than 5 minutes.

  7. With right eye-clawing infomercial, this baby would sell like hotcakes. In the meantime, I’m continually amazed at people’s capacity to invent new lows, and immediately stoop to them.

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