Fashion! (trippy mid-sixties video clip, mit groovy tune)

Video Link. A clip from the mid-sixties German television program "Paris Aktuell". The music is "Teen Tonic" by groovy, experimental musique concrète pioneers Pierre Henry and Michel Colombier, from their 1967 album Messe Pour Le Temps. (thanks, Tom Osborn!)


  1. If I may, I’d like to recommend the contemporary album Métamorphose – Messe Pour le Temps Présent which features remixes of these classics by contemporary artists. I’ve often thought the Psyché Rock Malpaso Mix By Fatboy Slim was the inspiration for the Futurama theme.

  2. The full title of this album is “Messe Pour Le Temps Présent”, i.e. mass for the present time(s).

  3. That’s a fun clip, thanks for posting. I actually have (and cherish) the LP (messe pour le temps _present_, by the way – “mass for the present day” – not “mass for the time”)

    I’m not sure, but I think that this is a different version from that on the LP. It just sounds different in a way I can’t put my finger on…

  4. a quick look on ebay for ‘pierre henry’, reveals that he also makes filing cabinets. less money in musique concréte than i thought…

  5. Why is everybody’s head cut off? Is this an artifact of it’s originally being shot in PAL format instead of the US NTSC system?

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