Huckleberry Finn: Affirmative action sends ungrateful black man on river cruise, using lib-approved child labor. (via)2001: An intelligent computer heroically stops wasteful government spending on space exploration. (via)Little Rascals: Juvenile delinquency caused by having black friends. Also, where's Buckwheat's birth certificate? (via)Aladdin: Swarthy thief flees jail, abducts princess, kills trusted advisor & performs coup d'etat. (via) • Black men stole the rock and roll sound from Marty McFly!!! (via) • MLK's famous speech: "I have a dream that my nation will not be judged by character." (via)Inglorious Basterds: Deranged Jewish woman murders innocent moviegoers (via)The Lord of the Rings: Through grit, working class Hobbits take back 'their' Middle America from colored Orcs (via) #IfAndrewBrietbartEditedIt (thanks, Maggie)


  1. “They think they can take me down, that they can hurt me,” says Breitbart. “It just makes me bigger.”

    Isn’t that the very definition of “hubris?”

  2. Black Snake Moan: Upstanding white woman bravely resists brainwashing attempts by her abusive black abductor, escapes to find her proper place as the humble wife of a proud military veteran.

  3. I think that The Lord of the Rings would be: Illegal immigrants secretly cross border with stolen jewelry, destroy local home, killing everyone inside.

  4. Last one, I swear.

    ET: Bleeding heart white boy helps illegal alien escape capture by immigration authorities using magic hippie bicycle.

  5. Deep Throat: Woman suffers terrible affliction, gets helped by her doctor, helps others.

  6. In this thread, “Heroic white suitor vows eternal fidelity, nonviolence” is actually a rickroll…

  7. Bwahahaha : “Beauty And The Beast – Local hunter rescues imprisoned white female with Stockholm Syndrome”

  8. “A Time to Kill”: Black man believes whites deserve to die; hopes they burn in hell.

  9. This is great. Thanks for posting this Xeni!

    “Driving Miss Daisy”
    Enraged black driver takes elderly white woman on hell ride.

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