Huckleberry Finn: Affirmative action sends ungrateful black man on river cruise, using lib-approved child labor. (via)2001: An intelligent computer heroically stops wasteful government spending on space exploration. (via)Little Rascals: Juvenile delinquency caused by having black friends. Also, where's Buckwheat's birth certificate? (via)Aladdin: Swarthy thief flees jail, abducts princess, kills trusted advisor & performs coup d'etat. (via) • Black men stole the rock and roll sound from Marty McFly!!! (via) • MLK's famous speech: "I have a dream that my nation will not be judged by character." (via)Inglorious Basterds: Deranged Jewish woman murders innocent moviegoers (via)The Lord of the Rings: Through grit, working class Hobbits take back 'their' Middle America from colored Orcs (via) #IfAndrewBrietbartEditedIt (thanks, Maggie)