Wood floors made from wine-barrels

Zomg, floors made from old wine barrels. Drool. Dribble: "Fontenay Wood has created a line of flooring made from reclaimed wine barrels. The Cooperage collection uses the head of the barrel to display the markings unique to the wines stored inside. The Wine Infusion collection takes the unmarked pieces of wood and shows off the color variation that has developed during the wine making process. The Stave collection uses the outer sides of the barrel where the hoops have imprinted a distinct pattern. All of the available options have a rich quality comparable to the complexity of the wine that its collectors love."

Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring by Fontenay Wood (via Cribcandy)


  1. I am definitely not the target audience here, but it looks kind of like the floor in an old warehouse to me.

  2. I hope no one tries to varnish or seal these floors. The smell of wine seeping out of them would be a major part of the appeal.

  3. @Lobster has it right – not really something I’d want in my house, but definitely a cool floor doe a wine shop.

    Two things:
    I assume each stave is slightly curved, and so is the floor going to be like rolling along cobblestones in one direction and ‘groovy’ along the other?

    Also, as is the nature of a wooden floor, won;t sanding be difficult on the above concerns, or if it is possible, won’t sanding remove the distinctive ink markings?

    1. On the curve: they can be straightened out fairly easily.
      On the ink: probably one sand would leave a lot, but if you ever had the floors refinished, it would probably take out quite a bit, but not all.

  4. Nice floors. To keep the used wine barrel theme going, I wanted to share another company that uses old wine barrels to create beautiful wine cellars. It’s something I have never seen before.

    The company is called Savante Wine Cellar. Here is a link to their site.

  5. No. No, no, no…

    Am I the only one who saw this post and was deeply troubled?

    The wine, people! Think of the wine!

    1. “Think of the wine” in what way? Wine barrels are not typically re-used at higher end wineries. They are re-sold to lower end wineries and then discarded after one or two more uses. Making products out of the barrels doesn’t prevent more wine from being made in any way.

      @Forgeweld: $35/sf! Yikes!

  6. My mistake-only one of the collections is from the head and the others are staves. This looks like a very labor intensive floor to lay.

  7. And at $35 a sq. foot for the materials, you have to really, really love it, with all of the great options available way below that price range. Ok, I’ll shut up now.

  8. They have this in the tasting room at Provenance, a winery I once worked at in the Napa Valley. It cost them a ridiculous amount of money.

  9. It is often really easy to get things like this, which would be considered trash by some, and change the old into new. I know someone who made a marble pizza oven out of discarded WWI grave stone mess-ups.

  10. I make end grain wood block floors with reclaimed wood. Maybe some waste is generated that could be made into small blocks. I could sell them for you. Please write. Norm Kaswell

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