7" Android Tablet Touch PC, indeed.

androidtouch.jpg Something ... isn't quite right. [Amazon via @Gruber]


  1. They are customer images. I could upload a photo of my TI-82 from high school if I felt like it.

  2. Obvious knockoff or not, it’s still an interesting tablet for the price. At only 1/4 the cost of an ipad, it only has to be half as good to still be a bargain.

  3. Something … isn’t quite right.

    You’re right, android 1.7 was never officially released.

    As for the product itself, I don’t get what’s with all the 1 star reviews based entirely on speculation… Yes, this is a cheap chinese knockoff, designed to look like another, popular product. That’s very, very, very common. There are literally hundreds of devices designed to look similar to an ipad. This is not new. Many of them are actually very good, others are pure crap. There are thousands of cheap tablets running android, and many of them are given names like uPad and such. This is par for the course in chinese electronics. Absolutely nothing surprising at all in any way whatsoever. I don’t see what all the hubbub is about.

  4. Odd that the other pictures show what looks like a different, real, box of the product. And the actual product.

  5. I think I’ve figured it out: the listing says “Pc”, not “PC”. As in not the abbreviation for “Personal Computer” but for “piece.” So all we know for sure is that it’s a piece of a tablet, and you can touch it.

      1. That aPad is the right size! Too bad it’s most likely a POS. I have been wanting a 7″ tablet style device since getting the iPhone. The iPad is too large, the iPhone too small.

  6. I bought one one month ago. You receive what you paid for.

    Tha bad. It’s very slow, the touchpad is irresponsive; restarts by itself with no apparent reason. And, worst of all, my small daughter (11) was using it, and it looks that the device wasn’t responding very well, so, she put a litte bit of pressure (well, maybe a lot..) and she broke the touchpad, the screen still works.

    That’s the bad, now, the good. It’s surprinsingly fast for watching videos in youtube. It’s a really good ebook reader; the screen is big and clear enough to read txt files. I have a wireless external keyboard with touchpad which connects trough usb port; the device recognized it immediately and the mouse and keyboard worked flawlessly; so, I’m able to use the tablet with the broken touchscreen.

  7. I got one of these “Mid” tablets a few weeks ago… I also thought “Well, at a quarter of the price of an ipad, even if it’s just a little good, it’s still a bargain.”

    It’s not.

    Aside from the usual knockoff complaints (the manual full of engrish, no cable to connect it to the computer, battery life is pathetic, etc) the touch screen is absolutely HORRIBLE. You have to press down hard to get it to recognize your input, and if you want to drag the screen to scroll then be prepared for the tablet to misinterpret your gesture and open a random item instead.

    It’s okay for watching youtube movies (once you get around the horrendous touch controls), but I’m still trying to figure out what sort of formats it will take for watching movies off of an SD card.

    For photo viewing, it does alright unless you have more than 24 photos on your card, in which case you’ll need to drag the screen… and run into the touchscreen problem again.

    Web browsing on this thing is again a no, unless you’re looking at websites/content formatted specifically to all fit on one page.

    Haven’t tried book reading or music listening yet.

    The app store on this thing is a joke. Half of the apps are in Chinese, the other half are trash. There’s no android market, either, and I haven’t been able to figure out how to get it on my Mid.

    If I haven’t convinced you yet, take a look at that picture in the article. Note how many review stars this thing has gotten.

    In closing, please, please don’t buy this thing, don’t make the same mistake I did. Go find a different knockoff tablet, or wait for a legit company to make a decent tablet, or just get the goddamn ipad. This thing isn’t worth it.

  8. They are customer images. I could upload a photo of my TI-82 from high school if I felt like it.

    The last six of the seven photos (which appear to show the actual device) are customer images. The first one of an iPad box with an Android logo is from the seller.

    …but you know Unknown always make good stuff!

  9. Actually I have 2 7″ Android touchpads an Archos 7 Home Tablet and an Eken M001. Both have been reflashed with new roms and run 1.6 w/ Android Market.

    Both have decent single touch resistive screens, The trick in using them is coming down with a rapid tap (pressure isn’t the issue speed is).

    The Archos is based on the Rockchip 2808 and has excellent video replay and fast response for all the other common apps. Aldiko is excellent as an eBook reader and ACV does comics and manga splendidly, browsing is great. Video and Music replay very well (not 720p, but given it is a 800×480 screen this isn’t a problem). Battery life is on the order of 3-4 hours. It takes standard microSDHC cards. And with the hacked firmware I get Android marketplace. All told, a very solid tablet for less than $200 and is the right size to slip in a pants or jacket pocket.

    Quite a few of the better Chinese models use the RK2808 and have similar performance.

    The Eken M001 is the 7″ Android tablet which is all over eBay. I got mine from a US vendor (same city in fact) for $86 (that’s not a typo). Definitely cheap construction, cheap VIA processor. That said, with a hacked firmware (SlateDroid) installed it’s surprisingly nice. It plays MP3’s fine, and with the right transcoding it will play moderate bitrate MP4 video with no problem (think nonHD YouTube). Aldiko is just as excellent as ever an eBook reader, Kindle for Android works fine, ACV is a tad sluggish in page turns but quite tolerable for comics. With the slatedroid firmware flash it has Android market access (you do have to clear the Google Apps Cache between downloads, but that’s tolerable).
    Browsing is fine as well. It takes SDHC cards up to 32 GB Not my first choice for a tablet, but the perfect spare tablet you won’t cry over bricking, breaking or loosing. It’s also a perfect sandbox for dicey apps or the like. (It also has an excellent alarm clock display)

    The other nice thing about these Android tablets is that the low cost and easy flashing have made it a perfect platform for both hardware and firmware hacking, with the level of mods on the order of the orginal 7″ EEE Netbook.

    While the iPad is the PERFECT (by diktat of his holiness Steve Jobs) curated cathedral experience, the Chinese android tablet scene is a noisy cheap and interesting Bazaar. They’re fast cheap and out of control, and coming to a blister pack near you.

  10. I bought one as well and it was something of a letdown. The battery life is bad and the touchscreen seems to have some kind of randomizer attached.

  11. I’ve had no problems with my ePad. It’s not iThing snappy, but it’s not totally slow. I installed Newsrob on it and switched back to Google Reader and now I can catch up on RSS feeds, read emails and tweets whilst away from a network connection. Within the last few weeks, I’ve gone from running my MacBook almost constantly to keeping my ePad charged and checking at longer intervals.

    It’s hard to say nice things about it, I’ll admit, with its integration of proprietary code into the OS and no source release, and the problems using the Android market, but for the price? It’s a nice little device if you find the right apps.

  12. I have a 7′ SmartQ 7 that came with an Ubuntu installation. Just found an 2.2 Froyo image for it and its very very good and responsive. Cost me 180$. The size is a perfect fit for a jacket pocket.

  13. I have a 7″ MIA Andrios 256mb and 2GB internal running OS 1.6

    The unit looks and feels good, Everything works, wirless, Music, Videos, Browser, and there are plenty of app’s, Just remeber with app’s there will always be crap espically if they are free.

    The only real problem I have had is with the scrolling of the screen, I applied some pressure and it worked!, having read a previous post about using speed rather than pressure never worked for me.

    In summery under $100 A bargain, but you are not gonna get Ipad performance. I will give it 6 out of 10

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