Birdhouses made from VHS and cassette tapes

Dscn0426 Dscn0425
BB reader Basile Adamantides says, "I found those things in Brussels (Belgium) today, nailed onto trees. Perhaps you will appreciate." Oh, I do. Click the images to see them larger. (Thanks, Basile!)


  1. People have been lining birdhouses and birdcages with dead media for the longest time. Remember those things called newspapers?

  2. Brilliant and great timing because I’ve wondered recently about what to do with all the VHS tapes I’ve accumulated. But I wonder whether the summer heat would cause the tapes to release fumes that would affect baby birds. I would also have taken out the tape that is visible in the left picture. Open the case, remove, reassemble.

  3. These will go great with my planters made of truck tires turned inside out, and my patio furniture made of a wire spools. And why remove the tape? The birds can use it for their nests.

  4. This is adorable and all, but I’ve been around birds long enough to know that a bird will peck pieces off of these things and it will eat them. This is not a good idea.

    1. Brings a new meaning to slow-roasted chicken.

      These might be functional here in Texas if they were first spray painted white, and the sides slightly higher than the front and back to facilitate convection cooling through that large roof opening.

  5. These birdhouses are part of an urban intervention. It is supposed to give a chance for small birds to survive in the city. Is is also supposed to make people think about the way people consume without thinking of the concequences it has on our environment.

    there is a website that explains the concept further:

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