Time lapse of 15 hour road trip from Ohio to Minnesota


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  1. c_los says:

    Michel Gondry’s attempt at long drives + music:


  2. lolbrandon says:

    Wow, this was really enjoyable. Great music to go with the video. Someday I want to do a big road trip and photographing it is a must now!

  3. Anonymous says:

    How about this? All the way across Canada in 2 minutes…


  4. InsertFingerHere says:

    I enjoyed that. Love the ‘nap’ part. Chuckle.

  5. robcat2075 says:

    time lapse walk across America


  6. kmoser says:

    I did this back in the 1980s with a Super-8 camera, traveling from Manhattan to Long Island:


  7. Anonymous says:

    I do videos like this all the time.

    This is one from a trip last year, drove from Milwaukee to NOLA to Houston and back. Some of it is driving, some is landmarks, some is hanging out with friends.


  8. Toemailer says:

    That is one of the best of the genre I have seen so far, excellent!

  9. Fang Xianfu says:

    Perfectly sums up my opinion of long-distance motorway driving: horribly dreary view, made much better by good music (or good conversation).

  10. Tim says:

    I’ve made that drive a few times. I actually don’t mind it. I grew up in MN so I love the scenery. It’s world’s better to look while driving than the Southwestern US.

    • ferrohorse says:

      And for those of us who grew up in the West and Southwest, that kind of OH-MN scenery is pretty, but it gets a little claustrophobic after awhile, what with all those trees!

      We like to get back where we can see the country’s ribs a little, and add some elevation to the vista.

  11. Ryanwoofs says:

    So flat, so straight. Reminds me of every driving trip I ever took out of Indiana. Hours and hours of that to get to anything different.

  12. beerwhisperer says:

    HA! I have a 3.5 hour iphone video from Ind to StL that I was going to do the same thing with.. But then of course my normal life got in the way.

  13. Bilsko says:

    this is good.
    I was thinking of doing something similar when driving to NC from DC. Only about 400 miles, but the setting on my Tachyon camera is for one picture every 2 sec…so it could produce a similar rapid-stream of images.

  14. Mythus says:

    Had a surreal moment around 2:50 where suddenly it seemed like they were going backwards and I couldn’t stop seeing it that way for the rest of the video. Really neat, though. Makes me want to go on a little road trip.

  15. narrowstreetsLA says:

    Ain’t this age we live in super nifty?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful. What camera did you use?

  17. xzzy says:

    15 hours to do 674 miles?

    Wife and I did Denver to Chicago last week (a little bit over 1000 miles) in that time.

  18. Miss Jess says:

    Love this. Reminds me of why I love my Midwestern home so much – I love my trees!

  19. flander says:

    I did this last summer, only it was a 34-hour straight trip from Madison, WI to Portland, OR (stopping only for gas, breakfast, etc.), and I didn’t add a sound track.


    In fact, I did it several






  20. Stefan Jones says:

    If you do this in reverse, taking 15 frames a second and then playing it at normal speed, you can simulate what long car trips are like for kids.

    “Nyaaaaaah, MAAAAA, are we THERE yet?”

  21. Anonymous says:

    That is awesome. Brings back so many memories of my trips from NJ to Ohio. and then Ohio to Minnesota. My trip from Sylvania (west of Toledo), Ohio to Minneapolis, MN takes at most 10.5 hours. Toll way through the end of ohio and then throughout Indiana, followed by Route 90 from Chicago to Madison, and then 94 until Minneapolis. Very fast, very few stops.

    What an awesome idea to record it.

  22. macegr says:

    Sigh…my original comment was deleted but I certainly didn’t intend it as troll-like. I wasn’t referring to a beer gut but more to the fact that they’re an older couple…and anyone who’s ever traveled with older people understands what I mean about stopping all the time for three square meals a day, naps, etc. Thought it was funny, didn’t intend to kick anyone in the shins. But OK.

  23. Chumas says:

    [Mod -1 Troll]

    #1: Seriously, you’re supposed to enjoy the trip. Not chug a 6 pack of Red Bulls and spend the next ten hours red lining your engine and attracting the attention of every jelly donut sucking highway patrolman on the road.

    #2: So he’s got a beer gut. Big frakkin deal. Let’s see YOU make as nice a video and have the cajones to slap it up on the interwebs so faceless trolls to wank on about.

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