Japanese TV commercial for jock itch cream

Check out this great Japanese TV commercial for Delicare M's, a jock itch cream. Tokyo gets really hot in the summer, and men still have to wear suits to work, so the idea of a refreshingly itch-less crotch is likely to appeal to many salarymen.

[via Spoon & Tamago via TokyoMango]


  1. They need to advertise Gold Bond like this. Seriously, nothing is more vague than a Gold Bond powder commercial, and that stuff is SO GOOD.

  2. Whoa! After it plays and there’s the line of other videos at the bottom of the screen… don’t click on the 2nd one! Definitely NSFW!!! Yikes!

      1. wow… it must feel weird having your son’s baby picture used to censor japanese penises on tv

  3. Hmmm…
    So yet another name for crotch rot!

    My favorite is ‘dhobi rot’: the term comes from the British occupation of India and refers to an aggressive crotch yeast infection that the washerwomen (dhobis) are prone to because they stand in the water all day long.

    I think it is great that it is socially acceptable in Japan to have some form of crotch rot: when I went to my doctor here (after a very sweaty stay in a tropical country) he assumed that I had been doing something “bad” and asked about sexual partners,

    No sir, this is just a non-vaginal yeast infection, and it can be very annoying and hard to get rid of!

  4. I wonder what that strange ripping sound right before that man’s utterance of pure delight is.

  5. That’s funny, I was just asking my (Japanese) wife if the feminine itching cream I see advertised everywhere might work on my nuts too. I guess I don’t need to find out anymore.

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