Girls Like Boys With Skills - new song from Rocky and Balls


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  1. Art says:

    But allow me to temper my above criticism with the following statement:

    The song (and the duo) are going to be a hit.


  2. Anonymous says:

    this is a very engaging performance. these girls have got skills and remarkable ones at that.
    They have a marvelous sense of stage presence, timing, humor and sex appeal. This is the complete package and I predict very big things for them.

  3. Pantograph says:

    Life is terribly unfair. Girls can giggle at their own dirty jokes and it’s cute, but when boys do it, it turns into Beavis and Butthead.

    Well I’m off practising my nose picking skills.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cutest thing I’ve seen in a long while! Bravo, girls!

  5. theo says:

    I sent a link to this video off to my daughters’ boyfriends. May they be skillful…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Topped only by the Chamonix poster in the background … one of my favourite places in the world.

    Is it safe to say these gals are hawt?

  7. baberman says:

    I thought that was very cute! Good for them!

  8. SirVlad says:

    Do I need to have ALL of those skills?… wouldn’t be enough with… like half of them?

  9. Anonymous says:

    so the moral of this is…. girls like Boy Scouts.

  10. Narmitaj says:

    They’re unlikely to be 17 or any indeed kind of teenagers – they’ve both got Master’s degrees in songwriting from Bath Spa University and are likely to be 21 at least.

  11. mindysan33 says:

    I love Rocky and Balls. This song was stuck in my head all night and is still there this morning…

  12. W. James Au says:

    Wait a fucking minute, she’s 17?!

  13. Aloisius says:

    Man all I have is nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills and computer hacking skills.

  14. Daedalus says:


    Boys like girls with innuendo-makin’ skills.

    Innuendo? In her endo!

    I’m hilarious.

  15. Anonymous says:

    @W. James Au: They are talking about a third MALE person, Ringo.

  16. StRevAlex says:

    Okay, yes. YES.

  17. thedave says:

    I wish I new girls like you when I was 17.

    Wait I did! Lucky me.

    Keep up the good work, you crack me up every time.

    (Granted this one made me go change into my pedobear t-shirt, but I’ll get over it).

  18. Pfaffster says:

    If I am to remember correctly, the Ringo Starr comments are related to a year or two ago when the former Beatles drummer posted a video starting with “Peace and love, peace and love,” and then proceeded to ask fans to stop sending him letters and photos to be signed. He chalked it up to the fact that he had “too much to do”.

    Said video can be viewed here:

  19. Thac0 says:

    My Loins! My Loins!

  20. Anonymous says:

    #34 said:
    “I predict very big things for them.”

    Now that’s a double-entendre.

  21. InsertFingerHere says:

    My Dark Passenger is having a 4chan moment while we watch this.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, no dirty little ditty will ever top “Let Me Play With Your Poodle”

  23. Art says:

    Very well done! :) And talented too.

    But the one on the right is trying way too hard to be cute. We know you’re dying to be discovered but it becomes genuinely grating after 2 minutes.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got those skills and it got me the girl, and I don’t know a damn thing about how to lay pipe.

  25. Anonymous says:

    …/if you should see a girl on the street/
    /well maybe you might think she is sweet/
    /but if you wawna tickle her treat/
    /now really what should you do?/
    /dut-dut-dut-dut doo doo/
    /Don’t nevah let her know you are smart/
    /The universe is nowhere to start/
    /Ya gotta play it straight from the heart/
    /she gwine de-nun-ci-ate yoouu/…

    /…now maybe you might think i am rude/
    /and maybe you might think i am crude/
    /and maybe this approach i have spewed/
    /is not the one for you/
    /dut-dut-dut-dut doo doo/
    /But believe me later on you’ll find/
    /as you impress her with your mind/
    /that you will just be left behind for a wiser fool./

    –Frank Zappa, “Find Her Finer”

  26. Abracapocus says:

    Not bad, but all must pay homage to the master:

    “When I was a wee little boy…”

  27. eviladrian says:

    One day Mark is gonna find a violin under his daughter’s bed and he’ll just flip out like “How are you supposed to get on youtube with this? I didn’t pay for ten years of ukulele lessons for you to sit in some ORCHESTRA CHAIR! Think of your future!”

  28. querent says:


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