Hard Russian hardware

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Russian manufacturer Lenpolygrafmash makes the computer component equivalent of brutalist architecture. According to the Russian culture blog Metkere.com, the devices such as the printer and scanner above are designed for harsh mechanical and climatic conditions. Lenpolygrafmash (via Submitterator, thanks Metkere!)


  1. These are kind of beautiful, and I’d prefer peripherals designed with this kind of aesthetic over the rounded-corner offerings available at the local Best Buy. Sovietpunk!

  2. I used to have some “secure” military computing hardware – a CRT monitor and a desktop PC amongst them. They had about a hundred or more screws holding the skins on, which were all at least 1/16″ thick steel or aluminum. I think it had more to do with minimizing interceptible radiation (or “compromising emanations”) than durability, but it sure looked cool! I think it was TEMPEST certified stuff:


    But ultimately it was worthless. Who wants a 19″ CRT monitor and a Pentium nowadays, anyway??

    1. Is it just me, or does that printer look like an old HP DeskJet 510 with a metal casing? I would love to inspect one of these up close, I wonder how many of them are just case mods of existing (and possibly low end, out of date) products.

  3. I’ve had so many cheap plastic printers just flat-out fail on me even when they were lightly used. Fuck you HP. If I ever buy a printer again, I want a metal one.

  4. It’s made out of raw concrete and expresses that material’s form? Because that’s what “brutalist” refers to. Béton brut.

  5. That scene in Office Space would have gone differently if they had hauled on of these babies out to the field.

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