Music video created with Nintendo DSi

The video to "Brain Games," the third track from Arman Bohn's Atari 2600-inspired "Bits" album, was created using drawings made on a Nintendo DSi. These elements were combined with traditionally-shot footage in After Effects, resulting in a monochrome 1080-line-high heap of pixels.


  1. “Arman Bohn’s Atari 2600-inspired ‘Bits'”

    I wonder if it’s actually more Gameboy DMG inspired if they’re using Nintendo hardware to produce the video … unless that’s fact rather than speculation.

    1. I doubt it – it’s from the official channel. For what it’s worth, if for whatever stupid reason it does get DMCA’d, talk about epic fail. Seeing this (FREE) video convinced me to buy the (NOT FREE) album from iTunes just now. I wish old media would “get it.”

      1. Hah!
        Don’t put it past idiot lawyers.
        It wouldn’t be the first time an officially sanctioned video was dmca’d

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