Kenneth Anger for Missoni

Richard Metzger: "Rather astonishing news from the fashion and film world. Dangerous Minds’ fave filmmaker Kenneth Anger has released a two-and-a-half-minute film dealing with the fall/winter collection of the Varese-based house of Missoni, produced by filmmaker/Anger manager/Dangerous Minds pal Brian Butler and scored by French composer Koudlam." Watch the video here.


    1. way to really dismiss shit.I thought “that willbecool/interesting/worthy of my intrest/cogniicance…”…but NO.
      why go on.
      (disclamer-its my birthday and type to you from a V.nice room in the Edinburgh Missoni Hotel,aand Imay got the K. Anger exibition in the Dean Gallery this afternoon after a nice and satisfing repast.)Sheer pretentious c–p. ….

    2. Hmmm, well probably you are under 40 and not well-versed in experimental film. I’ll never forget the first time I saw “Incantation of My Demon Brother” (on film!). There’s a lot to learn about Kenneth Anger. A true, life-long artist. And Hollywood Babylon is a totally fun read!

      1. Not to mention the fact that “pretentious” is the epithet of choice for those who disdain anything that is not effortlessly accessible to all.

  1. While art and commerce may not always be such wonderful bedmates, the visuals are very much classic Anger (and I suspect he is quietly sneaking in his occult subject matter, too).

    While some of the effects in this video are now common place, it helps to remember that this is the long absent filmmaker that pioneered them. He is one of the great innovators and I’m happy to see him work again. Hopefully this sets a precedent and others will bankroll future efforts – he clearly still can create works of great beauty.

  2. This is going to sound really stupid, but I didn’t realize Anger was still alive and making films, so thanks for the info.

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