The Brick Wash Cycle

Wait for it. Posted to YouTube by Photonicinduction. Of his other videos, don't miss Washing Machine vs. Potatoes, Coffee Cup and Ashtray. Submitted by Antinous.


  1. Oh happy days – I think this is my neighbour! I just love the way he just happened to have a house brick lying about as well…

  2. Reminds me of early David Letterman throwing tv’s off a roof. Just love controlled destruction.

  3. Don’t washing machines usually have concrete ballast, just to prevent them jumping around that way with uneven loads?

  4. This reminds me of Portal! There should be a way to upset the tripods in Portal 2 with a delicately placed log.

    1. It made me a little sad too. Like a wounded animal that just suffered some severe nerve trauma.

      1. I’m so glad to hear you say that. I thought it was just me. My knee-jerk reaction was “That was unnecessarily cruel.” Then I realized it was just a pile of metal. But its death throes did look awfully painful and pitiful.

  5. I laughed so hard the BF came in from the next room to see what was up. I replayed it and he started laughing just as hard.

  6. With all that smoke pouring out the back before he tosses the brick in, I don’t think this washing machine was destined for many more years of faithful service, not even to your friends on a low budget who could use a free washing machine.

  7. A bit “mmm, is that it?” until one of the bored (students?) chucks in the brick. Then, funny.

  8. i think, in its death throes, the machine was trying to take out its tormentor too

    just wondering….
    what if that was a monkey and you threw (glided?) a flying squirrel at it?
    nah – that would never happen

    also wondering…
    what would Cory say about this washing machine abuse?

  9. Thank you! This made my day in all seriousness. I was watching it waiting for it to explode, see fire shoot up, something. Then the dude(?) tossed in the coup d’ grace. I almost shat myself laughing so hard when the machine started ripping apart.

    Awesome stuff!

    On a side note I noticed that the dude was nicely dressed. Slacks, nice shirt. Proper attire for washing machine murder.

  10. Sure, I’ve wrecked my share of front loaders. I like to switch to a nice top loader once in a while, too. Still looking for that perfect back loader though. Heh-heh.

  11. My wife says I can’t understand how profoundly sad that video is until I’ve read “Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town.”

    1. Oh wow. That was an interpretation of this I’d not thought about at all. Makes me feel horrible for laughing my ass off the first time :(

  12. Just last night I saw pictures that a friend took while he was in Ghana. Women were carrying clothes to a river to clean them. Today I watch someone destroy a wash machine for entertainment. Sad.

    1. If they were taking the clothes to the river, then i doubt they had the plumbing to handle a washing machine.

  13. First they came for the Zinnias and I said nothing…
    Then they came for the Hydrangeas and I said nothing…

  14. Somewhere out there is a dryer missing its partner.

    When will the inhumane treatment of appliances end?

  15. i had to think of that beautiful song by kate bush called “washing machine”. but why?


  16. Somewhere out there is a dryer missing its partner.

    This is what happens if we leave Afghanistan.

  17. What a F###ing waste, just for a cheap thrill.

    Could that washing machine have been donated to the Salvation Army or Goodwill so a needy family doesn’t have to keep dragging their laundry and kids to the neighborhood laundromat, wasting time and money that could better be used for other things?

    And what about the beautiful flowers? Was it worth wasting them for a quick “Dude! That was AWESOME!”?

    Could the motor have been repurposed to run something else? Couldn’t a Maker have turned that into something useful and awesome, instead of just destroying the machine and flowers for a kick?

    Sorry to be a bad guy, but that just didn’t seem cool to me. It seemed like a huge waste all around.

    1. Mat3r, I repair things all the time. And grew up in a household where we never wasted anything. But if something is beyond repair or use, what else can one do with it.

      That said, I just thought of something: How about the guy who made this washing machine video get some toss out printers (the ones that are essentially disposable) and toss them into a washing machine?

    2. Considering all the SMOKE that was POURING out of it, the machine was heading to the local recycling center ASAP.

      As for the flowers, AWWWWWWWW! Did the big bad machine hurt the ittle bitty flowers?

      They’re flowers. They would have been DEAD in another week or two. That’s what flowers do. The open up, distribute pollen and the pollen fertilized other flowers of the same species and then all that makes a seed.

      But, DO continue attempting to lay a guilt trip on us while YOUR computer is using electricity made with coal or nuclear or oil, (domestic OR imported) and, not to mention all the pollution and toxic waste spewed out in China by the plants powering the factories that made all the bits and pieces for your computer, and the living hell of a sweatshop that assembled your computer and the pollution of the freighter that brought it from China.

      Yeah, but some guy tossed a brink in an already dieing washer, Cody Ironeyes weeps in his grave.

      Boo fucking hoo.

      1. Wow, Chris Tucker! I’m not perfect, but I guess you must be.

        I asked if the washer could have been donated or repurposed – as others pointed out (without being jerks), apparently not. I didn’t know.

        As for the flowers, it still seems a waste – somebody went to the trouble to put them there. OK, it’s not my home – they can do what they want with their own home and property – but I still think it’s a waste on several fronts.

        And, what’s YOUR computer powered by? Unicorn farts? Be sure to clean out the glitter regularly – you might short out.

        Glad you got a laugh, and thankful there are superior people out there who can point us little folk in the right direction when we disagree.

        Have a rainbowy day!

        1. There’s some sad irony in a concern troll getting out concern-trolled. (hint, starting out chastising people for their opinions and actions really undermines your ability to act offended at them doing the same. Turnabout is fair play, after all.)

          @freshacconci: I was thinking through the first half of the video, “Doesn’t anyone own a tripod these days?!”

          1. This doesn’t seem to me to be the exact definition of a “concern troll,” but it should be. What my parents called a “wet blanket” (Cf. comment # 6) we used to call “Captain Bringdown.” By any other name, they really bring out the Beavis and Butthead in me, maturity (comment # 73) be damned. I thought the series of awful puns were effective in defusing/diffusing the growing Battle Between Apollo and Dionysus, though.

        2. My computer? It’s a used Mac dual processor G5. Save for a C=64 purchased back in the 1980s, all my computers over the years have been “previously owned”. My big ass Apple 21″ Studio CRT? Found on a street corner here in Boston.

          Yeah it uses electricity. I know full well that I’m part of the problem.

          Unlike yourself, I’m not guilttripping over a silly video where a one foot in the recycle bin washer swallowed a brick and choked on it.

      2. So, what part of the country to you live in where flowers are already dead by the middle of August?

    3. Thank you, Mat3r. I was thinking the same thing. What a waste.

      And for the record, I find “will it blend” wasteful and sad, too. I don’t think I’ll ever see the humor in destroying something.

  18. For all of you who claim sadness, really? It’s an inanimate object. As others have pointed out, the thing was smoking and was probably on its last legs.

    Further, it was probably an older model that used far too much electricity and water to be “Green,” and with today’s environmental laws there’s a 99% chance that all the metal and copper in that thing will be recycled, and a better than 50% chance that the plastic will also be recycled.

    As for the hilarity, it was one of the funniest things EVER. It is right up there with the “will it blend.” It was washing machine murder, but it was a mercy killing. For wanton destruction check out


    Joe Dokes

  19. I thought it was pretty funny, but kept thinking…

    1. If it caught fire you’d be in trouble
    2. That’s a sort of nice little garden there, why are they doing it there?
    3. Someone oughta get chewed out for trashing the garden
  20. I thought this video was laugh-out-loud funny, but I hope he doesn’t try to make a series out of this with different appliances. Watching him throw a brick inside a freezer won’t be much worth watching.

  21. I dunno, I guess this was worth some cheap yuks, but I can’t help wondering whether something better could have been done with it. And by ‘better’, I mean either repurposing some of the parts or a more satisfying death.

    “Heave a big ol’ brick in it and watch it shake itself to pieces!” doesn’t offer much more than a bit of pathos to me.

  22. Actually, I found that pretty horrifying. I suppose I just don’t regard machines as being completely inanimate anymore, for a number of reasons that would take an essay to articulate.

  23. Wow, that’s like a snuff film for the characters from Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town.

  24. The thing that gets me about this is the dichotomy of *consciously* knowing that it’s just a half-broken machine, and my *emotional* side reacting with the same horror I’d have in witnessing a human suffering a fatal seizure. Truly the animal-human mind’s power to anthropomorphize is a strange thing.

  25. This reminds me of that time someone posted a video of a karate-guy karate-chopping through a stack of cinderblocks, and then a bunch of people pointed out that there were homeless people in Ghana who really could have used those cinderblocks to build houses, and then we all ragged on the karate-guy until he cried and Ralph Maccio beat him up with locally-sourced recyclable 100% post-consumer crane kicks.

    [Not a real memory.]

  26. Funny, but then I thought of “Someone comes to town, someone leaves town” and now I know that this was the torture of a helpless creature. Bad BB for posting this …

  27. There’s a 15 year old inside of me that wants to bust out laughing. At the same time, the adult I am right now is angry because they destroyed an $800 appliance that might have been repairable.

    Amazing how maturity sneaks up on you..

  28. Can we have a unicorn chaser for this, please? Like maybe a unicorn being fed into a wood chipper or something?

    1. If it’s supposedly a mortal sin to kill a Unicorn, I can’t imagine the kind of damnation you’d bring down by throwing one in a wood chipper.

      Now I’m curious.

  29. I’m not one of the people who is anthropomorphizing the machine, but I honestly don’t understand why this kind of thing is funny. Where is the humour in destroying something?

    1. I don’t think it’s funny or entertaining just to watch something be destroyed, otherwise it would be just as entertaining to watch someone whack it with a sledgehammer. It’s more entertaining in a “look what happens if” kind of way, like metal in a microwave or combining two chemicals, with explosive results. It’s pure spectacle.

      1. There’s a show for the stupid called Dude, What Would Happen? It’s lowbrow compared to this video.

  30. Now I want to see burning tennis balls being tossed around inside a front loading dryer and a sand mandala rearranging itself on a Chladny plate.

  31. thats the 2nd best washing machine related clip i’ve ever seen.
    the best is Alan ford & Armando Iannucci

  32. To those who think this was not cool, you may get a warm fuzzy out of the thought that it will all come out in the wash someday. It’s all a matter of how you spin it. But perhaps we are being indelicate.

    Felton: Your dryer wit is hanging out for all to see! Sew don’t worry about the clothes-minded in this thread.

    1. Ah, just when the color of my commentary starts to fade, just when I’m all out of material, Phikus comes in with that dry, clean wit to reinforce the fabric of the thread. Please continue with your cycle!

      1. Others Maytag you as flippant, but you’re a Whirlpool of humor to me; Amana great wit. Our friend Samsung your praises, but Kenmore like hummed. I’d love to eat a Miele with you someday.

        I feel the Frigidaire of disapproval coming toward us, though.

      2. I’m afraid I’m all washed up. I can’t Shout out any more, so I will have to abstain from any more of such unfurling. The Tide has turned, so I have no more good Cheer to add. I know, I’m agitated about it too, but suddenly my brain has been cleansed of the fabric of this kind of sheet. Perhaps my action will be seen as a detergent to others who might have otherwise soiled themselves from having lint me the timed. I hope you don’t get too much static if you choose to continue to cling to such activity. Sorry to be such a Downy.

          1. It seams I threw in the towel a little too early, but it’s silkening to think we could keep running on like this, hemmed in as we are into this pattern. But I struck a cord when I piped in, and now the machine is in motion and it’s all going down the drain.

  33. While some people here are feeling sad and other people are finding this funny, I’m wondering if you could of just salvage parts to make other stuff?

  34. I feel the Frigidaire of disapproval coming toward us, though.

    True, but surely that’s not enough to deter gents like us.

    1. True, but surely that’s not enough to deter gents like us.

      No, but it exerts permanent pressure on us. There are those who don’t cotton to our sort of wordplay, but wool just have to keep telling them the flax, until we’re in the small room with the bare bulb casting its thin rayon us.

      1. Well, with all of that looming over us, just remember the words of the great Singer John Linen, who said: “Awl you need is love.”

        Too bad he dyed so needlessly.

        1. Well, you’re keeping ME in stitches, but I think we’re kind of zig-zagging from topic to topic; perhaps we should try to interlock them better—until this thread runs out!

          1. True, my comments are weaving in and out of this already patchwork subject. Still, it’s darning credible that we’ve spun it out this far, no matter how you splice it. As much as I don’t want to quilt, I gather that the thread is winding down.

  35. You’re both warped. I think I have to admit that I’ve been worsted, no matter how I may have felt before. Well, I was caught betweed the twill of you.

  36. I tried, but I just can’t quilt! There are so many layers of this yarn we’ve spun that I must continue to fleece it so we can be sure we have blanketed the topic completely (I say without cloaking my intentions, though I might seamstressed.) Once unbuttoned, it was bound to unspool this way, out of shear craftsmanship. (It helps that I am a Singer.) The scraps I leave are from the fringe, though, so I will soon have to revisit the text aisle to get more more words. But it seems to me now that I am just airing my dirty laundry, so I will tie up the loose ends with this close line: Time to zip it. ;D

      1. Unless we buckle down and size the day to tailor even more in some fashion to suit us until we have a fit. By any measure, we’ve banded together, uniformly, like knit-wits, to cover a lot with style and a lot of thimblism. Bask it, as I have bin. But now, so no one gets hung up, I fold. I’m outa this rag.

  37. That was definitely matricide. Cruel & unusual too. Probably written up in some CIA or US Army torture & assassination manual.

    1. Bummer that the victim toppled discreetly out of frame before the eyes could turn into Xs.

  38. Finally, someone has discovered the true purpose of the internet…to disseminate large appliance assassination videos.

    Delve into his youtube channel, it gets even weirder and more dangerous. Apparently he’s been fixing washing machines for the last 20 years..

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