Koreans! How to swear in English (NSFW)

This video is totally pickled. [via DF]


  1. So why shouldn’t pregnant women watch? Because the babies will hear cursing through the womb?

    1. My guess as to the pregnant women disclaimer is that he feels they are easily excitable and/or shouldn’t get too worked up over all the vulgar language he’s about to use.

    2. Koreans count the time in the womb as part of the baby’s first year of life. So yes that’s why

        1. It’s Taiwan, not South Korea, that had the big stretch of winning the LLWS. South Korea only won twice, in 1984 and 1985. Taiwan won 17 times between 1969 and 1996, but they haven’t won since, though last year they were runners-up.

  2. What a smooth operator. I like his take on making a “swearing tie” and then walking away to to negate conflict.

    1. So how do you say “shitbat” in Korean? Does he say it in the Video? If so, I missed it.

      Also, I like listening to him. I wish he would do Korean classes for foreigners.

      1. It’s apparently a Korean swear word. He says it only in Korean. You have to watch the subtitles to see it.

        1. It’s actually pronounced “ssibal,” a contraction of “ssip hal” which means literally “that which is to be fucked.”

  3. I do love his hat. Makes him totally streetsmart.

    Maybe he’s so jolla pickled that pregnant women start contracting just by listening to him, that’s how hardcore he is!!

  4. He’s definitely jolla pickled. I love this. Also the misspellings. “Son of of bitch” and “fuking.”

    Not that I can spell in Korean.

  5. I love the xenophobic undertones in his rationale for learning swear words: the evil foreign men will stealthily swear at our pure women!

  6. Guys, you can just think the pregnant women + children disclaimer as an NSFW warning equivalent in Korea.

  7. This is so cool. It makes me want to learn Korean too. His calm, explanatory, face while saying “you fucking bitch” is so strangely painful and funny to me!

  8. I ain’t no goddamn son of of bitch
    You better think about it baybay

    I ain’t no goddamn son of of bitch
    You better think about it baybay baybay

    1. How I love hearing a film that was released six years after I graduated from high school described as “that old movie.” It makes me feel like Norma Desmond.

      1. Heh! “We didn’t need dialogue in the 80’s. We had faces!” Or something to that effect.

  9. I’d like to see him teach this:

    “Stu-fucking-pendous. Well fuck fucking around with the fucker and get your ass over here. We fucking have to get one of these fuckers working before
    the remfing motherfuckers get all over my fucking ass and I have to chew you a new one, you useless fucks.”

    1. That’s tough Mannie. But then, you’ll probably never master Kung Fu, right? Some things you just get born to.

    1. Just wait til he discovers the hidden meaning of “tight” – in fact, that may be part two.

  10. Oh, that’s just pickled great.
    My last name is “Sibal”.

    No wonder I get smirks when I meet Koreans.
    “Hi, I am the one who gets fucked.”

    1. I always thought that was my name. In a metaphorical sense, anway: I prefer to top.

      1. Yes, me too, mostly. But now if I ever have a Korean bottom boyfriend, I can call him my ssibal!

  11. Now I know if some Korean starts swearing at me to say, “Pickle off!” (in English of course).

  12. Best part is at the very end: “Then it’s a tie. We said one swear each, and we tied. Then you can just walk away.”

    I think that’s such a delightful take. Great video.

  13. Me being a linguistics student who’s been studying Korean lately, oh! I was tickled pink to see this pickled-green post, and it was so interesting to hear his discussion of the vocabulary! And there were so many parts of the screen to look at at once.

  14. There’s a textbook to go with this sort of lecture.

    “English as a Second F*cking Language: How to Swear Effectively, Explained in Detail with Numerous Examples Taken From Everyday Life”
    by Sterling Johnson

  15. This is the guy to hire to translate those fucking directions that come with Korean electronics.

  16. My brother spent a lot of time teaching english in Korea. He told me a story about when he first got there, the students were all showing him the English they knew by swearing at him in English, and he was embarassed and trying to explain that they shouldn’t say things like that casually. Then one of them swore at him in Korean, and the Korean teacher beat the crap out of the student for his impudence. ^.^;;

    As it turns out, Korean teachers are not only allowed but encouraged to beat their students. My brother refrained, but most of the teachers would casually smack their students upside the head throughout classes.

  17. I’m going to have to disagree. This video SUCKS because the teacher mistakes the word ‘sucks’ for ‘sick.’

  18. Well done. I agree with this teacher. People need to learn the words that English schools will not teach them. It helps understand context, humor and the way to use/not use these words.
    오이스터카페에서는 실생활에 필요한 진짜 영어를 더 많은 어휘와 관용구를 활용하여 배울 수 있도록 합니다. 정장을 구입하는 것에서 연인과 헤어지는 상황 등 여러분이 생활에 꼭 필요한 토픽을 얻어가십시오. 오이스터카페에서는 영어로 욕하는 법 혹은 침실에서 나눌 수 있는 적절한 대화 등 교재에선 할 수 없는 것 이상을 가르쳐드립니다.

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