The Oregon Trail: The Movie

You have died of dysentery: "In 1864, a family embarks on an impossible journey into the untamed American West. Based on the classic educational computer game, The Oregon Trail by MECC." YouTube Link. Created by HalfDayToday.

[Submitterated by Rev. Benjamin]


  1. That was quite funny. I remember playing Oregon Trail in junior high in the mid-70’s when it was still paper and pencil based. The whole class played for a week. It was so much better than listening to the gym teacher lecture us on American history.

  2. Slight continerdity error.

    Why is Pa caulking the wagon if he intends to ford the river at 1:35? Those options are mutually exclusive.

  3. Oh yes, this brings back memories. My friends would come over and play this for hours back in the early ’90s.

    To this day, driving through Reno at certain times of day- when the hills are red and dusted with snow- sets me on edge. It looks very much like one of the graphics I remember. I keep expecting to hear that awful “bad news” noise and learn that there’s no damn water for the oxen, or it’s bad water, or there’s no food, or that Mary’s died of dysentery.

  4. Xeni, you just ruined my day. I got so pumped that this was a real movie, only to realize as soon as I started the trailed that it is all a joke. My childhood dreams, dashed once again.

  5. This made me nostalgic for the usernames of my youth. Is there a funnier 8-character username than POOPFACE?

  6. Very funny, but I had to subtract points for overuse of the song Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. A great song, but it is being used waaaaaay too much lately.
    it was also in the last fake trailer I saw, The God of War movie made to look like it was done by Wes Anderson.

  7. What’s the song that plays from 0:32 to 0:52, it’s the same song that was in the Wes Anderson God of War trailer.

  8. Brilliant, totally want to see that as a real comedy movie. If Clue can do it then Oregon Trail can pull it off too.

  9. “I’ll take four oxen and all the bullets $1600 will get me.”


    You know I remember exploiting the trade option in this game to get as much money and supplies as possible. Very easy to do. Just buy low and sell high.

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