Inception ripped off a Scrooge McDuck comic

Many thanks to Videogum editor Gabriel Delahaye for having the balls to reveal the truth all others fear to blog: Christopher Nolan's Inception was nothing but a Scrooge McDuck ripoff. Read the full, original comic here: Uncle Scrooge in "The Dream of a Lifetime"


    1. This is bs, you cant infringe a thought or idea. After that the two are too dissimilar. If if it was, it’s still a good flick.

  1. [eye roll] and Scrooge ripped off the idea of a rich man being Scottish.
    Hopefully someone will rip off Inception and steal their idea of “making a good movie.”

  2. Alas, Uncle Scrooge lacked a kick-ass Hans Zimmer score and Ellen Page. Mmm, Ellen Page…

      1. Actually, Neil Gaiman’s run of The Books of Magic is a much better conspiracy origin for Harry Potter. All of the parties involved insist it’s just a coincidence, but still, the glasses… the owl… it makes you wonder.

  3. Heresy!

    Carl Barks is the True Creator of Donald Duck, all other “artists” are blasphemous apostates!

    Don Rosa is a false messiah!

    Repent! REPENT!

  4. Pretty sure that instead of Hollywood making more thought-provoking original movies they’ll just make more movies about dreams.

  5. The idea of going inside dreams has been done a lot of times before. This isn’t original to Donald Duck any more than it is original to Inception.

    1. The idea of going inside dreams has been done a lot of times before.

      The idea of multiple people going inside of someone else’s dream in order to steal information? Where?

      It even has the idea that the only way to escape the dream is by falling…

      1. The only thing Inception reminded me of when I saw it (at least as far as the “going into someone’s dream” angle – most of the rest of it reminded me of a standard heist film) was the movie Dreamscape, but that wasn’t really the same idea. The Scrooge McDuck comic is closer.

  6. Did anyone notice the big mistake in Inception?

    That’s right, throughout the entire film, no-one ever wakes up with a boner.

  7. @SamSam. While the idea wasn’t to steal information, multiple people going inside someone else’s dream has been done in “A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors” back in 1987.

  8. Can I just say Don Rosa is one of my very favourite comic book artists like ever in the history of ever?

    Look at those lines and the detail! The hidden little things in the panels, his apparent loathing of Mickey Mouse, etc.

  9. Several Indiana Jones moments were lifted from Carl Barks Scrooge stories. Stealing from the ducks is nothing new.

  10. I believe that the comic in itself is a sort of unintentional rip-off. Don Rosa states in an introduction that the idea for this story was submitted by a reader, who’s initials are included in the first panel, as a sort of “payment”. About a month after it was printed Rosa saw a relatively new movie with a setup which closely mirror the comic.

    1. Yep. It was a French fan who sent in in the general idea and later Don Rosa noticed that “The Cell”, which had the “entering someone else’s dream” had been released only shortly before the fan sent his letter.

      Anyway, the general motive has been done before, there are European Duck stories where Donald enters Scrooge’s Dreams, for example.

  11. I remember a Batman: The Animated Series episode that had the scarecrow or riddler doing the same thing with batman.

    The dream was Bruce Wayne living as if his parents never died. He figured it out because all of the words and signs were scrambled.

  12. I just watched an episode of Legend of the Seeker where they do something pretty similar…i.e. shared dreaming where the mark doesn’t know he’s dreaming and tricking him to reveal a secret. I think the concept is pretty old.

    Also, in case you’re wondering, Legend of the Seeker is pretty cheesy (but I still like it!).

  13. Someone tell me I’m over thinking this, but does it seems that Ellen Page just doesn’t connect emotionally with her co-stars in any movie?

    Also, she’s cute but my gaydar goes off when she’s on screen.

    1. Well, in Inception at least there’s a good reason for Ellen Page’s character to be like that, but explaining it would be speculation and/or a spoiler. And Inception is so damn good that I want everyone to see it without spoilers!

  14. How did I not notice this. I read this just a couple of months ago and loved it.
    Rosa did such stellar fucking comics.

  15. How could have Nolan ripped this off? It’s known he came up with with the concept for Inception before finishing up Insomnia. Something like in the year 2000, even presenting it to WB back then. But opted out to work on his other films.

    So either someone has a time machine or Nolan is a Wizard with a time machine.

  16. I might have enjoyed Inception more if Cillian Murphy kept saying to DiCaprio, “Nephew?! What the @*%# are YOU doing here?!”

  17. s0crates82,

    Actually, it was the Mad Hatter.

    And Bruce Wayne’s clue was entirely false. I have been able to read newspapers in dreams before.

    But, yeah, I love Batman: TAS.

  18. I’m pretty sure the same idea was featured in “Dreams Are Sacred” by Peter Phillips in Astounding, September 1948.

  19. I can’t believe ANYONE is taking this jest so seriously… maybe they aren’t, but it can be so hard to tell sometimes.

    On that note Cal Barks is one of the great American storytellers. Hs work inspired not only the Ducktails series (and by inspired I mean the plots are ripped off whole cloth… Disney owned the lot, so they can do that) but filmakers like George Lucas as well.

    I remember being a kid in the original location of Comic Relief in Berkeley and being blown away by the fact that the (then still cool) Lucas had written the introduction to a large, expensive hardcover version of the Scrooge McDuck comics. It was like two of my worlds had collided. A dream within a dream…

  20. Yeah it really isn’t necessary to cross media to get to Scrooge McDuck when there is Dreamscape. How about, The Cell?

    I declare that Inception is a shameless ripoff of the thousands of entertainment items that have been based upon transporting oneself into other people’s dreams. The fact that there have been thousands makes it even more shameless, right??

  21. I’ve never read a Don Rosa story before. The ways in which he *departs* from Barks’ style are pretty interesting. Glad to have had the impetus to check one out. Pretty good, too!

  22. All good films are ripped of Scrooge McDuck. The Indiana Jones franchise famously did the same

  23. Hummm, multiple mbedded virtual realities are used also in “eXistenZ” by David Cronenberg. Good film too.

  24. This is BS !
    If Donald knows falling can wake you up .. why doesn’t he just push Scrooge off a ledge or something ???
    As it is everyone keeps falling throughout the dream … but no-one seems to wake up .
    ILLOGICAL to the point of being MAGICAL !!

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