Snail homing instinct confirmed by science

snails2010.jpg The Snails, parted from one another by the cruel hand of man, found themselves in distant lands. Beginning a long and perilous journey home, each tuned into the ancestral ley, the viae gastropoda, which despite its name is truly understood only by those of Clan Helix, Wanderers of the Gardens. Through the soils and grass thickets, the salt ridges and cyclopean escarpments left by the hated giants, each suffered much to return to their place of origin. But always there was the voice, the spatial awareness, guiding them even as it imparted fragmentary visions of unanswerable and terrible questions. Those who made it back had little to celebrate: they lay in grim, expectant silence, united again in their quest to destroy their nemesis. Traps set, radulae sharpened and shells rigged for war, they waited for Mrs. Coggins to appear at the back door, sluggo in her wizened hand, ready for the final battle. Snails 'have a homing instinct' [BBC] Previously. Previously. Photo: Shekynah