Creepy 1920 cigarette lighter in shape of a woman's head

Screen Shot 2010-08-04 At 10.43.19 Am

(Via Anonymous Works)


  1. ribott’s freudian comment is correct, but that’s not a woman’s head, it’s a young boy’s head and it was made for lighting incense at mass.

  2. OK, for realz? I was incensed (yes, pun intended) at the thought it was a woman’s head, but the thought of it being a boy’s head for incense at mass…please tell me you’re joking. Yes, its come to this, I do not know where the gall of the RC Church begins nor where it ends.

  3. sexual connotations briefly aside, what sort of heat element is that? it doesn’t look like a typical resistive (e.g. range top) element. and is the element always on? shouldn’t pinching the nose be a switch or some-such?

    ok, back to “it’s a female no it’s a male no consider 20s womans hairstyles etc”

  4. maybe I should have my captors insert one of these in my mouth….i would be cooler?

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