Dr. Dre, astronomy buff, working on "music of the spheres" instrumental concept album

In an interview with Vibe, rap mogul Dr. Dre reveals that he is working on an instrumental album to be titled "The Planets."

It's just my interpretation of what each planet sounds like. I'm gonna go off on that. Just all instrumental. I've been studying the planets and learning the personalities of each planet. I've been doing this for about two years now just in my spare time so to speak. I wanna do it in surround sound. It'll have to be in surround sound for Saturn to work.
[via The Atlantic / illo: Xeni]


    1. It’s actually Holst’s compositions that Tomita used. I have that album and it’s awesome if you’re into synths.

  1. The more I hit the chronic, the more I think about space too…makes perfect sense to me that Dre headed this direction.

  2. Fuckin’ celestial bodies moving in elliptical orbits around slef-luminous gaseous spheres, how do they work

  3. What’s with all the “it’s been done before” hate? Dre does the mothafuckin solar system, people!

    Oh, and have you heard there’s a ring around Uranus?

  4. If we can have two operas based on The Merry Wives of Windsor, we can sure as Hell have a symphonic work and a hip hop album based on the planets of the solar system. I can’t wait to hear this. :-D

  5. This could be great. Drive-bys from comets, “not understanding the gravity of the situation” etc. And Neptune could rid of Pluto by attacking it at a party, punching it in the back of the head, trying to throw it down the stairs etc. Saturn and Jupiter could hold off the other planets from intervening.

  6. It took 20 comments before Uranus was mentioned?

    People, we need to work on our response time.

    We can do better.

  7. I’m disappointed this will be instrumental. If anyone could figure out a rhyme for Mercury, it would be Dre.

  8. If you’ve ever listened to Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith), you’ll know he isn’t pleased with other rappers copying his “space style”.

    1. Really?

      Then I guess he shouldn’t have copied it from from Sun Ra, who copied it from…okay, okay, who am I kidding: Sun Ra sprang whole from the head of an interdimensional Gorgon.

    2. I can’t resist:

      First patient, pull out the skull, remove the cancer
      Breakin’ his back, chisel necks for the answer
      Supersonic bionic robot voodoo power
      Equator ex my chance to flex skills on Ampex
      With power meters and heaters gauge anti-freeze
      Octagon oxygen, aluminum intoxicants
      More ways to blow blood cells in your face
      React with four bombs and six fire missiles
      Armed with seven rounds of space doo-doo pistols
      You may not believe, livin’ on the Earth planet
      My skin is green and silver, warhead lookin’ mean
      Astronauts get played, tough like the ukelele
      As I move in rockets, overriding, levels
      Nothing’s aware, same data, same system

      Earth People, New York and California
      Earth People, I was born on Jupiter

      Now my helmet’s on, you can’t tell me I’m not in space
      With the National Guard United States Enterprise
      Diplomat of swing with aliens at my feet
      Comin’ down the rampart through beam on the street
      Obsolete computes, compounds and dead sounds
      As I locate intricately independent
      Economic rhymer got savoury store food
      In Capsule D my program is ability
      For a reaction and response to a no-one
      Identification Code: Unidentified
      I got cosmophonic, pressed a button, changed my face
      You recognised, so what? I turned invisible
      Made myself clear, reappeared to you visual
      Disappear again, zapped like a android
      Face the fact, I fly on planets every day
      My nucleus friend, prepare, I return again
      My 7XL is not yet invented

      Space Ranger, contact tubes, send synthetics
      I program one and go to Earth through the fax machine
      My number’s Seven-Oh-Nine Seven-Five-Five Six-E-L-Three
      Computer File: Nine-Three
      Digital level, standing on the terminal
      Upside down through polygons fightin’ pentagons
      Changin’ blue skin, my brown colour’s comin’ back
      I’m psychedelic this time, come in rainbow
      Look at the green lights and y’all see my brain glow
      Five colours: yellow, black and red and green…purple

      (oh Doctor Octagon, where are you when the Galaxy needs you so? : )

  9. Mista Pluto, where the fuck ya at?
    Ain’t got the size, so you rollin’ on ya back
    Busta ass moon: check my elocution
    you ain’t got the pull or the revolution
    Mark Bitch non-Planet
    Bust a cap in your gravitational field, Goddammit!

  10. DRE: It’s like one, to the two, to the three, and to the fo’.
    Dr. Dre and Buzz Aldrin comin’ creepin’ at your do’.
    Straight up gangsta reppin’ South Central Milky Wizzle.
    Droppin’ dope planet beats on your dome ’til you shizzle.

    Take it, Buzz!

    BUZZ: I… lost my shoe.

    DRE: Hell, yeah! West side!

  11. DRE: It’s like one, to the two, to the three, and to the fo’.
    Dr. Dre and Stephen Hawking comin’ creepin’ at your do’.
    Nabbin’ planetary pussy from every hoochie we be peepin’.
    My man Hawk ready to bust it even though looks like he’s sleepin’.

    Drop the hammer, Hawk!

    HAWK: They. Call. Me. Stevie. Money. Cuz. Chin. Checks. I. Be. Cashin’.
    My. Trump. Tight. Scooter. Be. In. Inter. Galactic. Fashion.
    I’m. Known. On. Mars. On. Saturn. And. On. Venus.
    For. My. Super. Dope. Hoochie. Splitting. Cyber. Netic. Penis.

    DRE: Hell, yeah! West side!

    HAWK: End. Rap.

  12. Mars

    Redder than the blood in my Daddys eye
    God of War; Betta Recognize
    Panic and Fear my only companions
    Buckshot astroids in all directions


    Messenger straight outta compton jack
    Slap you with my winged feet
    smoke you like a crack sack
    I’m Iron Core fool, now who’s spacin’?
    What you punks know about the Caloris Basin?

  13. Jupiter

    Red Eye like Sauron
    ya fuckin’ moron
    Biggest Baddest
    ya gotta have this
    King of the Gods
    and the Planets too
    63 moons? I’m indivisible foo’!
    Visible for shizable
    you can’t see me
    like Giovanni Cassini
    Better get back on track man
    I’ll eat them other planets like Pac Man

    and with a final “Laika? That’s my dog!’ We out! Peace!

  14. I just wonder what his next excuse for not finishing detox will be…

    “I’m travelling to Guatemala for 3 years to learn mystic throat singing.. I had this idea to make an album using only samples that come to me in dreams… I’ve been thinking a lot about DNA and I really wanna crack the human genome before getting back into detox”

  15. DRE: You busters and you haters know I’m always on my game.
    My cosmo’s heliocentric cuz my black hole spittin’ flame.
    I’m celestial ghetto ballin’ with ankle-breaking Copernicism.
    Filling up my people’s ears with my planetary jism.

  16. Reminds me very much of an album by an old friend of mine (now sadly departed).

    Harmony of the Spheres ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/Harmony-Spheres-Neil-Ardley/dp/B001ILDECG ) by Neil Ardley

    His concept was to construct a musical scale based on the distance between each planet.

    He did a follow up album called ‘Kaleidoscope-Rainbows’ ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/Kaleidoscope-Rainbows-Neil-Ardley/dp/B0007TJYXI/ref=pd_bxgy_m_h__img_b ) using a musical scale based on the frequencies of the colour spectrum.

    Awesome stuff.

    1. I owned that kaleidoscope album !!!… it was awesome! I never could find anything about it anywhere..

  17. I knew this was coming after seeing that laptop commercial with him on a space ship. Dre and Neptunes should do a collab solar system album. HEAT

  18. Wow, the comments here are special. Tip: if you know very little about hip-hop and Dr. Dre in particular, and proceed commenting as though all rap and Dr. Dre in particular exists in a culture of violent, gangsta idiocies, you just might come off as a jackass.

    1. Suggesting that Dre is somehow besmirched by being associated with gangsta rap is the very essence of ignorance of hip hop since Dre is to gangsta rap as James Brown is to soul. Second, it assumes that gangsta rap is some misshapen and inauthentic mutation of hip hop, instead of an essential trajectory that has given the art form its greatest and most profound practitioners. Third, gangsta rap is often violent, yes. Your point? Finally, criticism of gangsta rap is almost always used as a middle brow cudgel to batter hip hop by those who want to pretend that it doesn’t belong in “true” hip hop. However, you will *NEVER* ever find a hip hop enthusiast who seriously tries to exile gangsta rap from the canon. That person does not exist.

  19. Anyone else have a copy of “NASA:Symphony of the Planets”? By far one of the coolest cd sets my dad ever bought.

    I’m not a fan of rap (I like the more whimsical bits such as Skee-lo’s “I WIsh”), but even I appreciate that Dr.Dre puts effort into his work, rather than just setting loops of clicks, thumps, and ticks, and calling it good.

    Also, is anyone else hopeful that this will get more youths into astronomy/science?

    1. As anon#60 says, it would be a good thing if it got even one kid into astronomy. If Rush can get kids interested in black holes, then Dre can get them into the planets.

  20. Dr. Dre – you be gettin all jiggy wit dat Saturn sh*t. It be done before before wit dat archangel of jiggy jazz, Sun Ra, he of da Angel Race, bein from Saturn and all, wit his Archestra.

  21. Music of the Spheres is an album by Ian Brown, who headed the Inspiral Carpets in days yonder… I woulnt mind listening to a collaboration between them :D

  22. If a tree falls in the woods and nobody is around to hear it..wait, if a planet passes gas and nobody’s there to hear it, hmmm,….
    Ehhh..Either way,who cares?

  23. Considering that Dr. Dre’s post-Chronic 2001 opus, DETOX, has been an off and on affair for the past 10 years, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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